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Ezerskyte M, Paredes JA, ..., Scicchitano DA, Dreij K
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. - (-) - [2018-04-17; online 2018-04-17]
Bioinformatics Support and Infrastructure [Service]
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Active and inactive β1 integrins segregate into distinct nanoclusters in focal adhesions
Spiess M, Hernandez-Varas P, ..., Lakadamyali M, Strömblad S
J. Cell Biol. - (-) jcb.201707075 [2018-04-09; online 2018-04-09]
Advanced Light Microscopy (ALM) [Collaborative]
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Structure of the chloroplast ribosome with chl-RRF and hibernation-promoting factor
Boerema AP, Aibara S, ..., Lindahl E, Amunts A
NPLANTS 4 (4) 212-217 [2018-04-00; online 2018-04-02]
Cryo-EM [Service]
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Sexual dimorphism in the width of the mouse synaptonemal complex
Agostinho A, Kouznetsova A, ..., Brismar H, Höög C
J Cell Sci 131 (5) jcs212548 [2018-03-01; online 2018-02-02]
Advanced Light Microscopy (ALM) [Collaborative]
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In Situ Target Engagement Studies in Adherent Cells
Axelsson H, Almqvist H, ..., Lundbäck T, Seashore-Ludlow B
ACS Chem. Biol. - (-) - [2018-02-21; online 2018-02-21]
Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden (CBCS) [Technology development]
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Kynurenic Acid and Gpr35 Regulate Adipose Tissue Energy Homeostasis and Inflammation.
Agudelo LZ, Ferreira DMS, ..., Berggren P, Ruas JL
Cell Metab. 27 (2) 378-392.e5 [2018-02-06; online 2018-02-08]
Mass Cytometry [Collaborative]
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Ten steps to get started in Genome Assembly and Annotation
Dominguez Del Angel V, Hjerde E, ..., Binzer-Panchal M, Lantz H
F1000Res 7 (-) 148 [2018-02-05; online 2018-02-05]
NGI Uppsala (Uppsala Genome Center) [Collaborative]
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Red meat intake in chronic kidney disease patients: Two sides of the coin
Mafra D, Borges NA, ..., Lindholm B, Stenvinkel P
Nutrition 46 (-) 26-32 [2018-02-00; online 2018-02-00]
Swedish Metabolomics Centre (SMC) [Service]
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Molecular barcoding of viral vectors enables mapping and optimization of mRNA trans-splicing
Davidsson M, Díaz-Fernández P, ..., Lundberg C, Bjorklund T
RNA - (-) rna.063925.117 [2018-01-31; online 2018-01-31]
NGI Uppsala (Uppsala Genome Center) [Service]
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Rapid hybrid speciation in Darwin’s finches
Lamichhaney S, Han F, ..., Grant BR, Grant PR
Science 359 (6372) 224-228 [2018-01-12; online 2017-11-23]
NGI Uppsala (SNP&SEQ Technology Platform) [Service]