Full Mitogenomes in the Critically Endangered Kākāpō Reveal Major Post-Glacial and Anthropogenic Effects on Neutral Genetic Diversity.

Dussex N, von Seth J, Robertson BC, Dalén L

Genes 9 (4) - [2018-04-19; online 2018-04-19]

Understanding how species respond to population declines is a central question in conservation and evolutionary biology. Population declines are often associated with loss of genetic diversity, inbreeding and accumulation of deleterious mutations, which can lead to a reduction in fitness and subsequently contribute to extinction. Using temporal approaches can help us understand the effects of population declines on genetic diversity in real time. Sequencing pre-decline as well as post-decline mitogenomes representing all the remaining mitochondrial diversity, we estimated the loss of genetic diversity in the critically endangered kākāpō (

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PubMed 29671759

DOI 10.3390/genes9040220

Crossref 10.3390/genes9040220

pii: genes9040220
pmc: PMC5924562
European Nucleotide Archive: PRJEB25924 https://www.ebi.ac.uk/ena/data/view/PRJEB25924

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