Publications 2013

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Structure-activity relationships of synthetic cordycepin analogues as experimental therapeutics for African trypanosomiasis. Vodnala SK, Lundbäck T, Yeheskieli E, ..., Hammarström LG, Rottenberg ME J. Med. Chem. 56 (24) 9861-9873 2013-12-27 2013-12-10
Association of STAT4 polymorphism with severe renal insufficiency in lupus nephritis. Bolin K, Sandling JK, Zickert A, ..., Gunnarsson I, Nordmark G PLoS ONE 8 (12) e84450 2013-12-27 2013-12-27
Profiling post-centrifugation delay of serum and plasma with antibody bead arrays. Qundos U, Hong M, Tybring G, ..., Nilsson P, Schwenk JM J Proteomics 95 (-) 46-54 2013-12-16 2013-05-02
Automated quality control system for LC-SRM setups. Teleman J, Waldemarson S, Malmström J, Levander F J Proteomics 95 (-) 77-83 2013-12-16 2013-04-16
Combining genetic mapping with genome-wide expression in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis highlights a gene network enriched for T cell functions and candidate genes regulating autoimmunity. Thessen Hedreul M, Möller S, Stridh P, ..., Olsson T, Jagodic M Hum. Mol. Genet. 22 (24) 4952-4966 2013-12-15 2013-07-29
Genome-wide analyses implicate 33 loci in heritable dog osteosarcoma, including regulatory variants near CDKN2A/B. Karlsson EK, Sigurdsson S, Ivansson E, ..., Breen M, Lindblad-Toh K Genome Biol. 14 (12) R132 2013-12-12 2013-12-12
Chemical probes to study ADP-ribosylation: synthesis and biochemical evaluation of inhibitors of the human ADP-ribosyltransferase ARTD3/PARP3. Lindgren AE, Karlberg T, Ekblad T, ..., Schüler H, Elofsson M J. Med. Chem. 56 (23) 9556-9568 2013-12-12 2013-11-06
Linkage analysis in familial non-Lynch syndrome colorectal cancer families from Sweden. Kontham V, von Holst S, Lindblom A PLoS ONE 8 (12) e83936 2013-12-11 2013-12-11
Utilizing twins as controls for non-twin case-materials in genome wide association studies. Ganna A, Ortega-Alonso A, Havulinna A, ..., Hultman CM, Magnusson PKE PLoS ONE 8 (12) e83101 2013-12-10 2013-12-10
Statistical molecular design: a tool to follow up hits from small-molecule screening. Lindgren AE, Larsson A, Linusson A, Elofsson M Methods Mol. Biol. 1056 (-) 169-188 2013-12-07 2013-12-07
Urinary prognostic biomarkers and classification of IgA nephropathy by high resolution mass spectrometry coupled with liquid chromatography. Kalantari S, Rutishauser D, Samavat S, ..., Rezaei-Tavirani M, Zubarev RA PLoS ONE 8 (12) e80830 2013-12-05 2013-12-05
Accurate detection of subclonal single nucleotide variants in whole genome amplified and pooled cancer samples using HaloPlex target enrichment. Berglund EC, Lindqvist CM, Hayat S, ..., Lönnerholm G, Syvänen AC BMC Genomics 14 (-) 856 2013-12-05 2013-12-05
The resveratrol tetramer (-)-hopeaphenol inhibits type III secretion in the gram-negative pathogens Yersinia pseudotuberculosis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Zetterström CE, Hasselgren J, Salin O, ..., Sundin C, Elofsson M PLoS ONE 8 (12) e81969 2013-12-04 2013-12-04
Integrated molecular portrait of non-small cell lung cancers. Lazar V, Suo C, Orear C, ..., Hansson J, Pawitan Y BMC Med Genomics 6 (-) 53 2013-12-03 2013-12-03
A genome-wide association study of atopic dermatitis identifies loci with overlapping effects on asthma and psoriasis. Weidinger S, Willis-Owen SA, Kamatani Y, ..., Irvine AD, Moffatt MF Hum. Mol. Genet. 22 (23) 4841-4856 2013-12-01 2013-07-28
Using transcriptomics to improve butanol tolerance of Synechocystis sp. strain PCC 6803. Anfelt J, Hallström B, Nielsen J, Uhlén M, Hudson EP Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 79 (23) 7419-7427 2013-12-00 2013-09-24
The association between plasma homocysteine and coronary heart disease is modified by the MTHFR 677C>T polymorphism. Mehlig K, Leander K, de Faire U, ..., Lissner L, Thelle D Heart 99 (23) 1761-1765 2013-12-00 2013-09-10
Selectivity analysis of single binder assays used in plasma protein profiling. Neiman M, Fredolini C, Johansson H, ..., Nilsson P, Schwenk JM Proteomics 13 (23-24) 3406-3410 2013-12-00 2013-10-24
Protein expansion is primarily due to indels in intrinsically disordered regions. Light S, Sagit R, Sachenkova O, Ekman D, Elofsson A Mol. Biol. Evol. 30 (12) 2645-2653 2013-12-00 2013-09-17
High expression of glycolytic and pigment proteins is associated with worse clinical outcome in stage III melanoma. Falkenius J, Lundeberg J, Johansson H, ..., Hansson J, Egyhazi Brage S Melanoma Res. 23 (6) 452-460 2013-12-00 2013-10-17
Genetic variation at the IGF1 locus shows association with post-stroke outcome and to circulating IGF1. Aberg ND, Olsson S, Aberg D, ..., Isgaard J, Jern C Eur. J. Endocrinol. 169 (6) 759-765 2013-12-00 2013-10-21
Evaluation of real-time immunohistochemistry and interaction map as an alternative objective assessment of HER2 expression in human breast cancer tissue. Gedda L, Björkelund H, Lebel L, ..., Malmqvist M, Andersson K Appl. Immunohistochem. Mol. Morphol. 21 (6) 497-505 2013-12-00 2013-03-05
Distinct loci in the CHRNA5/CHRNA3/CHRNB4 gene cluster are associated with onset of regular smoking. Stephens SH, Hartz SM, Hoft NR, ..., Bierut LJ, Ehringer MA Genet. Epidemiol. 37 (8) 846-859 2013-12-00 2013-11-05
DNA damage leads to progressive replicative decline but extends the life span of long-lived mutant animals. Lans H, Lindvall JM, Thijssen K, ..., Nilsen H, Vermeulen W Cell Death Differ. 20 (12) 1709-1718 2013-12-00 2013-09-10
Single-cell genomics reveal low recombination frequencies in freshwater bacteria of the SAR11 clade. Zaremba-Niedzwiedzka K, Viklund J, Zhao W, ..., Stepanauskas R, Andersson SG Genome Biol. 14 (11) R130 2013-11-28 2013-11-28
Identification of candidate serum proteins for classifying well-differentiated small intestinal neuroendocrine tumors. Darmanis S, Cui T, Drobin K, ..., Schwenk JM, Giandomenico V PLoS ONE 8 (11) e81712 2013-11-25 2013-11-25
Germline genetic contributions to risk for esophageal adenocarcinoma, Barrett's esophagus, and gastroesophageal reflux. Ek WE, Levine DM, D'Amato M, ..., MacGregor S, BEACON study investigators J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 105 (22) 1711-1718 2013-11-20 2013-10-29
Rule-based models of the interplay between genetic and environmental factors in childhood allergy. Bornelöv S, Sääf A, Melén E, ..., Pershagen G, Komorowski J PLoS ONE 8 (11) e80080 2013-11-19 2013-11-19
De novo SNP discovery in the Scandinavian brown bear (Ursus arctos). Norman AJ, Street NR, Spong G PLoS ONE 8 (11) e81012 2013-11-18 2013-11-18
miR-128 regulates non-myocyte hyperplasia, deposition of extracellular matrix and Islet1 expression during newt cardiac regeneration. Witman N, Heigwer J, Thaler B, Lui WO, Morrison JI Dev. Biol. 383 (2) 253-263 2013-11-15 2013-09-24
Substrate specificity and oligomerization of human GMP synthetase. Welin M, Lehtiö L, Johansson A, ..., Gräslund S, Nordlund P J. Mol. Biol. 425 (22) 4323-4333 2013-11-15 2013-07-03
Early B-cell factor 1 regulates the expansion of B-cell progenitors in a dose-dependent manner. Åhsberg J, Ungerbäck J, Strid T, ..., Qian H, Sigvardsson M J. Biol. Chem. 288 (46) 33449-33461 2013-11-15 2013-09-27
Discovery of an allosteric inhibitor binding site in 3-Oxo-acyl-ACP reductase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Cukier CD, Hope AG, Elamin AA, ..., Gray DW, Schneider G ACS Chem. Biol. 8 (11) 2518-2527 2013-11-15 2013-09-11
Polymer–Pendant Interactions in Poly(pyrrol-3-ylhydroquinone): A Solution for the Use of Conducting Polymers at Stable Conditions Karlsson C, Huang H, Strømme M, Gogoll A, Sjödin M J. Phys. Chem. C 117 (45) 23558-23567 2013-11-14 2013-11-05
Efficient cellular fractionation improves RNA sequencing analysis of mature and nascent transcripts from human tissues. Zaghlool A, Ameur A, Nyberg L, ..., Cavelier L, Feuk L BMC Biotechnol. 13 (-) 99 2013-11-13 2013-11-13
Disturbance induced decoupling between host genetics and composition of the associated microbiome. Wegner KM, Volkenborn N, Peter H, Eiler A BMC Microbiol. 13 (-) 252 2013-11-09 2013-11-09
ChIP-seq in steatohepatitis and normal liver tissue identifies candidate disease mechanisms related to progression to cancer. Bysani M, Wallerman O, Bornelöv S, ..., Komorowski J, Wadelius C BMC Med Genomics 6 (-) 50 2013-11-08 2013-11-08
Inference of the genetic architecture underlying BMI and height with the use of 20,240 sibling pairs. Hemani G, Yang J, Vinkhuyzen A, ..., Martin NG, Visscher PM Am. J. Hum. Genet. 93 (5) 865-875 2013-11-07 2013-10-31
Identification of candidate genes and mutations in QTL regions for chicken growth using bioinformatic analysis of NGS and SNP-chip data. Ahsan M, Li X, Lundberg AE, ..., Carlborg O, Marklund S Front Genet 4 (-) 226 2013-11-05 2013-11-05
In vitro and in vivo evaluation of osteoporosis therapeutic peptide PTH 1-34 loaded pegylated chitosan nanoparticles. Narayanan D, Anitha A, Jayakumar R, Chennazhi KP Mol. Pharm. 10 (11) 4159-4167 2013-11-04 2013-09-07
Combined in vitro-in vivo approach to assess the hepatobiliary disposition of a novel oral thrombin inhibitor. Matsson EM, Eriksson UG, Palm JE, ..., Schützer K, Lennernäs H Mol. Pharm. 10 (11) 4252-4262 2013-11-04 2013-10-02
7,8- and 5,8-Linoleate diol synthases support the heterolytic scission of oxygen-oxygen bonds by different amide residues. Hoffmann I, Oliw EH Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 539 (1) 87-91 2013-11-01 2013-09-26
Wobble decoding by the Escherichia coli selenocysteine insertion machinery. Xu J, Croitoru V, Rutishauser D, Cheng Q, Arnér ES Nucleic Acids Res. 41 (21) 9800-9811 2013-11-00 2013-08-29
Variants at multiple loci implicated in both innate and adaptive immune responses are associated with Sjögren's syndrome. Lessard CJ, Li H, Adrianto I, ..., Harley JB, Sivils KL Nat. Genet. 45 (11) 1284-1292 2013-11-00 2013-10-08
Reproducibility of high-throughput mRNA and small RNA sequencing across laboratories. 't Hoen PA, Friedländer MR, Almlöf J, ..., Dermitzakis ET, Lappalainen T Nat. Biotechnol. 31 (11) 1015-1022 2013-11-00 2013-09-17
Metal-mediated crystallization of the xylose transporter XylE from Escherichia coli in three different crystal forms. Quistgaard EM, Löw C, Moberg P, Nordlund P J. Struct. Biol. 184 (2) 375-378 2013-11-00 2013-09-26
Genomic mechanisms accounting for the adaptation to parasitism in nematode-trapping fungi. Meerupati T, Andersson KM, Friman E, ..., Tunlid A, Ahrén D PLoS Genet. 9 (11) e1003909 2013-11-00 2013-11-14
Genome-wide DNA methylation assay reveals novel candidate biomarker genes in cervical cancer. Farkas SA, Milutin-Gašperov N, Grce M, Nilsson TK Epigenetics 8 (11) 1213-1225 2013-11-00 2013-09-14
Discovery and refinement of loci associated with lipid levels. Global Lipids Genetics Consortium N, Willer CJ, Schmidt EM, ..., Ingelsson E, Abecasis GR Nat. Genet. 45 (11) 1274-1283 2013-11-00 2013-10-08
Comparative drug pair screening across multiple glioblastoma cell lines reveals novel drug-drug interactions. Schmidt L, Kling T, Monsefi N, ..., Gerlee P, Nelander S Neuro-oncology 15 (11) 1469-1478 2013-11-00 2013-10-06
Common variants associated with plasma triglycerides and risk for coronary artery disease. Do R, Willer CJ, Schmidt EM, ..., Neale BM, Kathiresan S Nat. Genet. 45 (11) 1345-1352 2013-11-00 2013-10-08
Association of genes in the NF-κB pathway with antibody-positive primary Sjögren's syndrome. Nordmark G, Wang C, Vasaitis L, ..., Syvänen AC, UK Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome Registry Scand. J. Immunol. 78 (5) 447-454 2013-11-00 2013-08-16
Antibodies biotinylated using a synthetic Z-domain from protein A provide stringent in situ protein detection. Andersson S, Konrad A, Ashok N, ..., Hober S, Asplund A J. Histochem. Cytochem. 61 (11) 773-784 2013-11-00 2013-08-08
In situ Protein Detection for Companion Diagnostics. Gremel G, Grannas K, Sutton LA, Pontén F, Zieba A Front Oncol 3 (-) 271 2013-10-31 2013-10-31
Proteins of novel lactic acid bacteria from Apis mellifera mellifera: an insight into the production of known extra-cellular proteins during microbial stress. Butler È, Alsterfjord M, Olofsson TC, ..., Malmström J, Vásquez A BMC Microbiol. 13 (-) 235 2013-10-22 2013-10-22
Nanobody mediated crystallization of an archeal mechanosensitive channel. Löw C, Yau YH, Pardon E, ..., Steyaert J, Nordlund P PLoS ONE 8 (10) e77984 2013-10-21 2013-10-21
Eleven candidate susceptibility genes for common familial colorectal cancer. Gylfe AE, Katainen R, Kondelin J, ..., Karhu A, Aaltonen LA PLoS Genet. 9 (10) e1003876 2013-10-17 2013-10-17
Transcriptome signatures in Helicobacter pylori-infected mucosa identifies acidic mammalian chitinase loss as a corpus atrophy marker. Nookaew I, Thorell K, Worah K, ..., Nielsen J, Lundin SB BMC Med Genomics 6 (-) 41 2013-10-11 2013-10-11
Divergent structure-activity relationships of structurally similar acetylcholinesterase inhibitors. Andersson CD, Forsgren N, Akfur C, ..., Ekström F, Linusson A J. Med. Chem. 56 (19) 7615-7624 2013-10-10 2013-08-30
Chemical fragmentation for massively parallel sequencing library preparation. Gyarmati P, Song Y, Hällman J, Käller M J. Biotechnol. 168 (1) 95-100 2013-10-10 2013-09-03
Molecular characterization of the α-subunit of Na⁺/K⁺ ATPase from the euryhaline barnacle Balanus improvisus reveals multiple genes and differential expression of alternative splice variants. Lind U, Alm Rosenblad M, Wrange AL, ..., Havenhand J, Blomberg A PLoS ONE 8 (10) e77069 2013-10-09 2013-10-09
Brain proteomics supports the role of glutamate metabolism and suggests other metabolic alterations in protein l-isoaspartyl methyltransferase (PIMT)-knockout mice. Yang H, Lowenson JD, Clarke S, Zubarev RA J. Proteome Res. 12 (10) 4566-4576 2013-10-04 2013-08-21
Aneuploidy in neuroblastoma tumors is not associated with inactivating point mutations in the STAG2 gene. Djos A, Fransson S, Kogner P, Martinsson T BMC Med. Genet. 14 (-) 102 2013-10-02 2013-10-02
Transcription factor ZBED6 affects gene expression, proliferation, and cell death in pancreatic beta cells. Wang X, Jiang L, Wallerman O, ..., Andersson L, Welsh N Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 110 (40) 15997-16002 2013-10-01 2013-09-16
Structural diversity of signal recognition particle RNAs in plastids. Rosenblad MA, Träger C, Schünemann D Plant Signal Behav 8 (10) doi: 10.4161/psb.26848 2013-10-00 2014-02-05
Recent advances in crayfish hematopoietic stem cell culture: a model for studies of hemocyte differentiation and immunity. Söderhäll I Cytotechnology 65 (5) 691-695 2013-10-00 2013-05-21
Profiling of atherosclerotic lesions by gene and tissue microarrays reveals PCSK6 as a novel protease in unstable carotid atherosclerosis. Perisic L, Hedin E, Razuvaev A, ..., Odeberg J, Hedin U Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 33 (10) 2432-2443 2013-10-00 2013-08-03
Heart research advances using database search engines, Human Protein Atlas and the Sydney Heart Bank. Li A, Estigoy C, Raftery M, ..., Lal S, Dos Remedios CG Heart Lung Circ 22 (10) 819-826 2013-10-00 2013-07-17
Determining indicator taxa across spatial and seasonal gradients in the Columbia River coastal margin. Fortunato CS, Eiler A, Herfort L, ..., Peterson TD, Crump BC ISME J 7 (10) 1899-1911 2013-10-00 2013-05-31
Comprehensive genetic analysis identifies a pathognomonic NAB2/STAT6 fusion gene, nonrandom secondary genomic imbalances, and a characteristic gene expression profile in solitary fibrous tumor. Mohajeri A, Tayebwa J, Collin A, ..., Nord KH, Mertens F Genes Chromosomes Cancer 52 (10) 873-886 2013-10-00 2013-06-14
Transcriptome and genome sequencing uncovers functional variation in humans. Lappalainen T, Sammeth M, Friedländer MR, ..., Estivill X, Dermitzakis ET Nature 501 (7468) 506-511 2013-09-26 2013-09-17
FHOD1, a formin upregulated in epithelial-mesenchymal transition, participates in cancer cell migration and invasion. Gardberg M, Kaipio K, Lehtinen L, ..., Koivisto M, Carpén O PLoS ONE 8 (9) e74923 2013-09-26 2013-09-26
Genetic variants of coagulation factor XI show association with ischemic stroke up to 70 years of age. Hanson E, Nilsson S, Jood K, ..., Melander O, Jern C PLoS ONE 8 (9) e75286 2013-09-25 2013-09-25
Spinal deformity in aged zebrafish is accompanied by degenerative changes to their vertebrae that resemble osteoarthritis. Hayes AJ, Reynolds S, Nowell MA, ..., Caterson B, Hammond CL PLoS ONE 8 (9) e75787 2013-09-24 2013-09-24
Genome-wide signatures of differential DNA methylation in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Nordlund J, Bäcklin CL, Wahlberg P, ..., Lönnerholm G, Syvänen AC Genome Biol. 14 (9) r105 2013-09-24 2013-09-24
Equine multiple congenital ocular anomalies and silver coat colour result from the pleiotropic effects of mutant PMEL. Andersson LS, Wilbe M, Viluma A, ..., Ewart S, Lindgren G PLoS ONE 8 (9) e75639 2013-09-23 2013-09-23
A metagenomics transect into the deepest point of the Baltic Sea reveals clear stratification of microbial functional capacities. Thureborn P, Lundin D, Plathan J, ..., Sjöberg BM, Sjöling S PLoS ONE 8 (9) e74983 2013-09-23 2013-09-23
Ebsulfur is a benzisothiazolone cytocidal inhibitor targeting the trypanothione reductase of Trypanosoma brucei. Lu J, Vodnala SK, Gustavsson AL, ..., Rottenberg ME, Holmgren A J. Biol. Chem. 288 (38) 27456-27468 2013-09-20 2013-07-29
Hydrogenosomes in the diplomonad Spironucleus salmonicida. Jerlström-Hultqvist J, Einarsson E, Xu F, ..., Andersson JO, Svärd SG Nat Commun 4 (-) 2493 2013-09-18 2013-09-18
Multiethnic meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies in >100 000 subjects identifies 23 fibrinogen-associated Loci but no strong evidence of a causal association between circulating fibrinogen and cardiovascular disease. Sabater-Lleal M, Huang J, Chasman D, ..., Hamsten A, O'Donnell CJ Circulation 128 (12) 1310-1324 2013-09-17 2013-08-24
Blood plasma IgG Fc glycans are significantly altered in Alzheimer's disease and progressive mild cognitive impairment. Lundström SL, Yang H, Lyutvinskiy Y, ..., Soininen H, Zubarev RA J. Alzheimers Dis. 38 (3) 567-579 2013-09-14 2013-09-14
Deep resequencing of GWAS loci identifies rare variants in CARD9, IL23R and RNF186 that are associated with ulcerative colitis. Beaudoin M, Goyette P, Boucher G, ..., Daly MJ, Rioux JD PLoS Genet. 9 (9) e1003723 2013-09-12 2013-09-12
A tosyl-activated magnetic bead cellulose as solid support for sensitive protein detection. Yan J, Horák D, Lenfeld J, Hammond M, Kamali-Moghaddam M J. Biotechnol. 167 (3) 235-240 2013-09-10 2013-07-03
The Oct1 homolog Nubbin is a repressor of NF-κB-dependent immune gene expression that increases the tolerance to gut microbiota. Dantoft W, Davis MM, Lindvall JM, ..., Beskow A, Engström Y BMC Biol. 11 (-) 99 2013-09-06 2013-09-06
Post-zygotic and inter-individual structural genetic variation in a presumptive enhancer element of the locus between the IL10Rβ and IFNAR1 genes. Razzaghian HR, Forsberg LA, Prakash KR, ..., Absher D, Dumanski JP PLoS ONE 8 (9) e67752 2013-09-04 2013-09-04
Structural insights into substrate recognition in proton-dependent oligopeptide transporters. Guettou F, Quistgaard EM, Trésaugues L, ..., Nordlund P, Löw C EMBO Rep. 14 (9) 804-810 2013-09-00 2013-07-23
Role of individual MARK isoforms in phosphorylation of tau at Ser²⁶² in Alzheimer's disease. Gu GJ, Lund H, Wu D, ..., Sunnemark D, Kamali-Moghaddam M Neuromolecular Med. 15 (3) 458-469 2013-09-00 2013-05-12
Progesterone receptor negativity is an independent risk factor for relapse in patients with early stage endometrioid endometrial adenocarcinoma. Huvila J, Talve L, Carpén O, ..., Grénman S, Auranen A Gynecol. Oncol. 130 (3) 463-469 2013-09-00 2013-06-20
Phylogeography of willow grouse (Lagopus lagopus) in the Arctic: taxonomic discordance as inferred from molecular data Höglund J, Wang B, Axelsson T, Quintela M Biol J Linn Soc Lond 110 (1) 77-90 2013-09-00 2013-05-22
Multilocus genetic risk scores for coronary heart disease prediction. Ganna A, Magnusson PKE, Pedersen NL, ..., Hamsten A, Ingelsson E Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 33 (9) 2267-2272 2013-09-00 2013-05-21
Identification of candidate oncogenes in human colorectal cancers with microsatellite instability. Gylfe AE, Kondelin J, Turunen M, ..., Vahteristo P, Aaltonen LA Gastroenterology 145 (3) 540-3.e22 2013-09-00 2013-05-21
High modal number and triple trisomies are highly correlated favorable factors in childhood B-cell precursor high hyperdiploid acute lymphoblastic leukemia treated according to the NOPHO ALL 1992/2000 protocols. Paulsson K, Forestier E, Andersen MK, ..., Swedish Cytogenetic Leukemia Study Group (SCLSG) , NOPHO Leukemia Cytogenetic Study Group (NLCSG) Haematologica 98 (9) 1424-1432 2013-09-00 2013-05-03
Glutamatergic GRIN2B and polyaminergic ODC1 genes in suicide attempts: associations and gene-environment interactions with childhood/adolescent physical assault. Sokolowski M, Ben-Efraim YJ, Wasserman J, Wasserman D Mol. Psychiatry 18 (9) 985-992 2013-09-00 2012-08-02
Global DNA hypermethylation is associated with high serum levels of persistent organic pollutants in an elderly population. Lind L, Penell J, Luttropp K, ..., Ingelsson E, Lind PM Environ Int 59 (-) 456-461 2013-09-00 2013-08-13
Genome-wide analysis shows association of epigenetic changes in regulators of Rab and Rho GTPases with spinal muscular atrophy severity. Zheleznyakova GY, Voisin S, Kiselev AV, ..., Baranov VS, Schiöth HB Eur. J. Hum. Genet. 21 (9) 988-993 2013-09-00 2013-01-10
Genetic relationship between five psychiatric disorders estimated from genome-wide SNPs. Cross-Disorder Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium N, Lee SH, Ripke S, ..., Wray NR, International Inflammatory Bowel Disease Genetics Consortium (IIBDGC) N Nat. Genet. 45 (9) 984-994 2013-09-00 2013-08-13
Genes identified in Asian SLE GWASs are also associated with SLE in Caucasian populations. Wang C, Ahlford A, Järvinen TM, ..., Syvänen AC, Sandling JK Eur. J. Hum. Genet. 21 (9) 994-999 2013-09-00 2012-12-20
Autoantibody profiling in multiple sclerosis using arrays of human protein fragments. Ayoglu B, Häggmark A, Khademi M, ..., Schwenk JM, Nilsson P Mol. Cell Proteomics 12 (9) 2657-2672 2013-09-00 2013-06-05
Comparison of the nodule vs. root transcriptome of the actinorhizal plant Datisca glomerata: actinorhizal nodules contain a specific class of defensins. Demina IV, Persson T, Santos P, Plaszczyca M, Pawlowski K PLoS ONE 8 (8) e72442 2013-08-29 2013-08-29
Genome-wide transcriptional analysis of Drosophila larvae infected by entomopathogenic nematodes shows involvement of complement, recognition and extracellular matrix proteins. Arefin B, Kucerova L, Dobes P, ..., Zurovec M, Theopold U J Innate Immun 6 (2) 192-204 2013-08-27 2013-08-27
Structure-Guided Design of Novel Thiazolidine Inhibitors ofO-Acetyl Serine Sulfhydrylase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis Poyraz Ö, Jeankumar VU, Saxena S, ..., Sriram D, Schneider G J. Med. Chem. 56 (16) 6457-6466 2013-08-22 2013-08-22
Genome-wide relatedness of Treponema pedis, from gingiva and necrotic skin lesions of pigs, with the human oral pathogen Treponema denticola. Svartström O, Mushtaq M, Pringle M, Segerman B PLoS ONE 8 (8) e71281 2013-08-19 2013-08-19
Automated serial extraction of DNA and RNA from biobanked tissue specimens. Mathot L, Wallin M, Sjöblom T BMC Biotechnol. 13 (-) 66 2013-08-19 2013-08-19
PARP inhibitor with selectivity toward ADP-ribosyltransferase ARTD3/PARP3. Lindgren AE, Karlberg T, Thorsell AG, ..., Elofsson M, Schüler H ACS Chem. Biol. 8 (8) 1698-1703 2013-08-16 2013-06-08
Transcription factor binding in human cells occurs in dense clusters formed around cohesin anchor sites. Yan J, Enge M, Whitington T, ..., Taipale M, Taipale J Cell 154 (4) 801-813 2013-08-15 2013-08-21
The STK33-linked SNP rs4929949 is associated with obesity and BMI in two independent cohorts of Swedish and Greek children. Rask-Andersen M, Moschonis G, Chrousos GP, ..., Fredriksson R, Schiöth HB PLoS ONE 8 (8) e71353 2013-08-15 2013-08-15
Investigation of six testicular germ cell tumor susceptibility genes suggests a parent-of-origin effect in SPRY4. Karlsson R, Andreassen KE, Kristiansen W, ..., Grotmol T, Wiklund F Hum. Mol. Genet. 22 (16) 3373-3380 2013-08-15 2013-05-04
Structural and biophysical characterization of the cytoplasmic domains of human BAP29 and BAP31. Quistgaard EM, Löw C, Moberg P, ..., Maddi K, Nordlund P PLoS ONE 8 (8) e71111 2013-08-13 2013-08-13
Meta-analysis of gene-level associations for rare variants based on single-variant statistics. Hu Y, Berndt SI, Gustafsson S, ..., Ingelsson E, Lin D Am. J. Hum. Genet. 93 (2) 236-248 2013-08-08 2013-07-31
Temperament and character in the Child and Adolescent Twin Study in Sweden (CATSS): comparison to the general population, and genetic structure analysis. Garcia D, Lundström S, Brändström S, ..., Nilsson T, Anckarsäter H PLoS ONE 8 (8) e70475 2013-08-05 2013-08-05
An Integratedin VitroModel for Simultaneous Assessment of Drug Uptake, Metabolism, and Efflux Neve EPA, Artursson P, Ingelman-Sundberg M, Karlgren M Mol. Pharmaceutics 10 (8) 3152-3163 2013-08-05 2013-08-05
Improved production of membrane proteins in Escherichia coli by selective codon substitutions. Nørholm MH, Toddo S, Virkki MT, ..., von Heijne G, Daley DO FEBS Lett. 587 (15) 2352-2358 2013-08-02 2013-06-19
Identification of adenovirus-encoded small RNAs by deep RNA sequencing. Zhao H, Chen M, Pettersson U Virology 442 (2) 148-155 2013-08-01 2013-05-11
Chronic airway-induced allergy in mice modifies gene expression in the brain toward insulin resistance and inflammatory responses. Sarlus H, Wang X, Cedazo-Minguez A, Schultzberg M, Oprica M J Neuroinflammation 10 (-) 99 2013-08-01 2013-08-01
Tumour expression of bladder cancer-associated urinary proteins. Lindén M, Segersten U, Runeson M, ..., Lind SB, Malmström PU BJU Int. 112 (3) 407-415 2013-08-00 2013-03-09
Synergistic interactions between camptothecin and EGFR or RAC1 inhibitors and between imatinib and Notch signaling or RAC1 inhibitors in glioblastoma cell lines. Sooman L, Ekman S, Andersson C, ..., Lennartsson J, Gullbo J Cancer Chemother. Pharmacol. 72 (2) 329-340 2013-08-00 2013-06-06
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