Wählby C

Family name Wählby
Given name Carolina
Initials C

ORCID 0000-0002-4139-7003

Affiliations Centre for Image AnalysisUppsala University Uppsala 75124 Sweden
BioImage Informatics Facility of SciLifeLab Uppsala 75124 Sweden

34 publications

Quantitative image analysis of protein expression and colocalisation in skin sections
Zhang H, Ericsson M, Virtanen M, ..., Vahlquist A, Törmä H
Exp Dermatol 27 (2) 196-199 [2018-02-00; online 2018-01-09]
BioImage Informatics [Service]
Whole Slide Image Registration for the Study of Tumor Heterogeneity
Solorzano L, Almeida GM, Mesquita B, ..., Oliveira C, Wählby C
- - (-) 95-102 [2018-00-00; online 2018-09-14]
BioImage Informatics [Technology development]
Increasing the dynamic range of in situ PLA.
Clausson C, Allalou A, Weibrecht I, ..., Wählby C, Söderberg O
Nat. Methods 8 (11) 892-893 [2011-10-28; online 2011-10-28]
Affinity Proteomics Uppsala BioImage Informatics [Collaborative]