Spatial Mass Spectrometry

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Started: 2021

Ended: Current

Year 2021

Year 2020

µ Opioid Receptor Agonism for L-DOPA-Induced Dyskinesia in Parkinson's Disease.
Bezard E, Li Q, Hulme H, ..., Andren PE, Crossman AR
J. Neurosci. 40 (35) 6812-6819 [2020-08-26; online 2020-07-20]
Spatial Mass Spectrometry [Service]

Year 2019

Comprehensive mapping of neurotransmitter networks by MALDI-MS imaging.
Shariatgorji M, Nilsson A, Fridjonsdottir E, ..., Odell LR, Andrén PE
Nat. Methods 16 (10) 1021-1028 [2019-10-00; online 2019-09-23]
Spatial Mass Spectrometry [Technology development]

Year 2018

Uncovering the regional localization of inhaled salmeterol retention in the lung.
Bäckström E, Hamm G, Nilsson A, ..., Goodwin RJA, Fridén M
Drug Deliv 25 (1) 838-845 [2018-11-00; online 2018-03-29]
Spatial Mass Spectrometry [Service]
Quantitation of Endogenous Metabolites in Mouse Tumors Using Mass-Spectrometry Imaging.
Swales JG, Dexter A, Hamm G, ..., Critchlow SE, Goodwin RJA
Anal. Chem. 90 (10) 6051-6058 [2018-05-15; online 2018-04-26]
Spatial Mass Spectrometry [Service]
Peptide ion channel toxins from the bootlace worm, the longest animal on Earth.
Jacobsson E, Andersson HS, Strand M, ..., Tytgat J, Göransson U
Sci Rep 8 (1) 4596 [2018-03-22; online 2018-03-22]
Spatial Mass Spectrometry [Service]

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