Spatial Mass Spectrometry

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Started: 2021

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Year 2022

Enantioselective CE-MS analysis of ketamine metabolites in urine.
Sandbaumhüter FA, Aerts JT, Theurillat R, ..., Thormann W, Jansson ET
Electrophoresis - (-) - [2022-11-18; online 2022-11-18]
Spatial Mass Spectrometry [Technology development]
The involvement of cyclotides in mutual interactions of violets and the two-spotted spider mite.
Slazak B, Jędrzejska A, Badyra B, ..., Göransson U, Kiełkiewicz M
Sci Rep 12 (1) 1914 [2022-02-03; online 2022-02-03]
Spatial Mass Spectrometry [Collaborative]

Year 2021

Efficacy of EBL-1003 (apramycin) against Acinetobacter baumannii lung infections in mice.
Becker K, Aranzana-Climent V, Cao S, ..., Hobbie SN, ENABLE consortium
Clin. Microbiol. Infect. 27 (9) 1315-1321 [2021-09-00; online 2020-12-11]
Spatial Mass Spectrometry [Collaborative]

Year 2020

Year 2019

Year 2018

Uncovering the regional localization of inhaled salmeterol retention in the lung.
Bäckström E, Hamm G, Nilsson A, ..., Goodwin RJA, Fridén M
Drug Deliv 25 (1) 838-845 [2018-11-00; online 2018-03-29]
Spatial Mass Spectrometry [Service]

Year 2017

Year 2016

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