Fluorescence Tissue Profiling

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Ended: 2018

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Year 2017

FZD10-Gα13 signalling axis points to a role of FZD10 in CNS angiogenesis.
Hot B, Valnohova J, Arthofer E, ..., Mulder J, Schulte G
pii: S0898-6568(17)30029-3
Cell. Signal. 32 (-) 93-103 [2017-04-00; online 2017-01-24]
Fluorescence Tissue Profiling [Collaborative]
Development of [(11)C]/[(3)H]THK-5351 - A potential novel carbon-11 tau imaging PET radioligand.
Stepanov V, Svedberg M, Jia Z, ..., Nordberg A, Halldin C
pii: S0969-8051(16)30381-X
Nucl. Med. Biol. 46 (-) 50-53 [2017-03-00; online 2016-12-26]
Fluorescence Tissue Profiling [Collaborative]
Molecular interrogation of hypothalamic organization reveals distinct dopamine neuronal subtypes.
Romanov RA, Zeisel A, Bakker J, ..., Horvath TL, Harkany T
pii: nn.4462
Nat. Neurosci. 20 (2) 176-188 [2017-02-00; online 2016-12-20]
Fluorescence Tissue Profiling [Collaborative]
Opioid precursor protein isoform is targeted to the cell nuclei in the human brain.
Kononenko O, Bazov I, Watanabe H, ..., Yakovleva T, Bakalkin G
pii: S0304-4165(16)30405-6 pmc: PMC5323248 mid: NIHMS847462
Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1861 (2) 246-255 [2017-02-00; online 2016-11-14]
Fluorescence Tissue Profiling [Collaborative]

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Year 2015

A secretagogin locus of the mammalian hypothalamus controls stress hormone release.
Romanov RA, Alpár A, Zhang MD, ..., Hökfelt T, Harkany T
pii: embj.201488977 pmc: PMC4291479
EMBO J. 34 (1) 36-54 [2015-01-02; online 2014-11-29]
Fluorescence Tissue Profiling

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Hypothalamic mitochondrial dysfunction associated with anorexia in the anx/anx mouse.
Lindfors C, Nilsson IA, Garcia-Roves PM, ..., Schalling M, Johansen JE
pii: 1114863108 pmc: PMC3207677
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 108 (44) 18108-18113 [2011-11-01; online 2011-10-26]
Fluorescence Tissue Profiling