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Year 2023

Tailoring vascular phenotype through AAV therapy promotes anti-tumor immunity in glioma.
Ramachandran M, Vaccaro A, van de Walle T, ..., Essand M, Dimberg A
Cancer Cell 41 (6) 1134-1151.e10 [2023-06-12; online 2023-05-11]
BioImage Informatics [Service]

Year 2022

Year 2021

ImageJ and CellProfiler: Complements in Open-Source Bioimage Analysis.
Dobson ETA, Cimini B, Klemm AH, ..., Carpenter AE, Eliceiri KW
Curr Protoc 1 (5) e89 [2021-05-00; online 2021-05-27]
BioImage Informatics [Collaborative]

Year 2020

A workflow for high-throughput screening, data analysis, processing, and hit identification
Hansel CS, Yousefian S, Klemm AH, Carreras-Puigvert J
KNIME blog (-) - [2020-11-30; online 2020-06-19]
BioImage Informatics [Technology development]

Year 2019

Year 2018

Quantitative image analysis of protein expression and colocalisation in skin sections
Zhang H, Ericsson M, Virtanen M, ..., Vahlquist A, Törmä H
Exp Dermatol 27 (2) 196-199 [2018-02-00; online 2018-01-09]
BioImage Informatics [Service]
Whole Slide Image Registration for the Study of Tumor Heterogeneity
Solorzano L, Almeida GM, Mesquita B, ..., Oliveira C, Wählby C
- - (-) 95-102 [2018-00-00; online 2018-09-14]
BioImage Informatics [Technology development]

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