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The 10 most recent publications

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Seeking the ultimate challenge.
Brodin P
Nat Med - (-) - [2019-07-03; online 2019-07-03]
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Comment on 'AIRE-deficient patients harbor unique high-affinity disease-ameliorating autoantibodies'.
Landegren N, Rosen LB, Freyhult E, ..., Anderson M, Kämpe O
Elife 8 (-) - [2019-06-27; online 2019-06-27]
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Pharmacogenomics of statin-related myopathy: Meta-analysis of rare variants from whole-exome sequencing.
Floyd JS, Bloch KM, Brody JA, ..., Alfirevic A, PREDICTION-ADR Consortium and EUDRAGENE
PLoS ONE 14 (6) e0218115 [2019-06-26; online 2019-06-26]
NGI Uppsala (SNP&SEQ Technology Platform) [Service]
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A Call for Blood-In Human Immunology.
Brodin P, Duffy D, Quintana-Murci L
Immunity 50 (6) 1335-1336 [2019-06-18; online 2019-06-20]
Mass Cytometry [Technology development]
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Spatiotemporal structure of cell fate decisions in murine neural crest
Soldatov R, Kaucka M, Kastriti ME, ..., Kharchenko PV, Adameyko I
Science 364 (6444) eaas9536 [2019-06-07; online 2019-06-06]
Eukaryotic Single Cell Genomics (ESCG) [Service]