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The 10 most recent publications

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Genetic architecture of subcortical brain structures in 38,851 individuals
Satizabal CL, Adams HHH, Hibar DP, ..., Seshadri S, Ikram MA
Nat Genet - (-) - [2019-10-21; online 2019-10-21]
NGI Uppsala (SNP&SEQ Technology Platform) [Service]
PubMed DOI Crossref
Cell generation dynamics underlying naive T-cell homeostasis in adult humans.
Mold JE, Réu P, Olin A, ..., Brodin P, Frisén J
PLoS Biol. 17 (10) e3000383 [2019-10-00; online 2019-10-29]
Mass Cytometry [Collaborative]