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The 20 most recent publications

Structure and dynamics of differential ligand binding in the human ρ-type GABAA receptor.
Cowgill J, Fan C, Haloi N, ..., Howard RJ, Lindahl E
Neuron - (-) - [2023-08-25; online 2023-08-25]
Cryo-EM [Service]
Pantothenate Kinase 4 controls efficient skeletal muscle energy substrate metabolism via acetyl-CoA
Miranda-Cervantes A, Fritzen AM, Raun SH, ..., Richter EA, Kleinert M
- - (-) - [2023-08-14; online 2023-08-14]
Swedish Metabolomics Centre (SMC) [Service]
Phage T3 overcomes the BREX defense through SAM cleavage and inhibition of SAM synthesis by SAM lyase.
Andriianov A, Trigüis S, Drobiazko A, ..., Severinov K, Isaev A
Cell Rep 42 (8) 112972 [2023-08-13; online 2023-08-13]
Cryo-EM [Service]

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