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The 10 most recent publications

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Breast cancer quantitative proteome and proteogenomic landscape
Johansson HJ, None , Socciarelli F, ..., Børresen-Dale AL, Lehtiö J
Nat Commun 10 (1) - [2019-12-00; online 2019-04-08]
Bioinformatics Long-term Support WABI [Collaborative]
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B cell profiling in malaria reveals expansion and remodelling of CD11c+ B cell subsets.
Sundling C, Rönnberg C, Yman V, ..., Persson KE, Färnert A
JCI Insight 5 (-) - [2019-04-02; online 2019-04-02]
Mass Cytometry [Service]
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Leukocytosis is associated with retinopathy of prematurity in extremely preterm infants.
Lundgren P, Klevebro S, Brodin P, ..., Hallberg B, Hellström A
Acta Paediatr. - (-) - [2019-03-28; online 2019-03-28]