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Year 2023

B4GALNT3 regulates glycosylation of sclerostin and bone mass.
Movérare-Skrtic S, Voelkl J, Nilsson KH, ..., Henning P, Ohlsson C
EBioMedicine 91 (-) 104546 [2023-05-00; online 2023-04-04]
Clinical Genomics Gothenburg [Collaborative]
Clonal relationships of memory B cell subsets in autoimmune mice.
Aranburu A, Engström E, Gerasimcik N, ..., Grimsholm O, Mårtensson IL
Front Immunol 14 (-) 1129234 [2023-03-01; online 2023-03-01]
Clinical Genomics Gothenburg [Service]

Year 2022

Dominantly inherited myosin IIa myopathy caused by aberrant splicing of MYH2.
Hedberg-Oldfors C, Elíasdóttir Ó, Geijer M, Lindberg C, Oldfors A
BMC Neurol 22 (1) 428 [2022-11-15; online 2022-11-15]
Clinical Genomics Gothenburg [Service]
Amplification of CDK4 and MDM2: a detailed study of a high-risk neuroblastoma subgroup.
Martinez-Monleon A, Kryh Öberg H, Gaarder J, ..., Fransson S, Martinsson T
Sci Rep 12 (1) 12420 [2022-07-20; online 2022-07-20]
Clinical Genomics Gothenburg [Service]

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