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Started: 2013

Ended: 2018

Year 2018

Year 2017

Breast cancer in young women and prognosis: How important are proliferation markers?
Fredholm H, Magnusson K, Lindström LS, ..., Frisell J, Fredriksson I
Eur. J. Cancer 84 (-) 278-289 [2017-10-00; online 2017-08-29]
Tissue Profiling [Collaborative]
Perivascular PDGFR-β is an independent marker for prognosis in renal cell carcinoma.
Frödin M, Mezheyeuski A, Corvigno S, ..., Johansson M, Östman A
Br. J. Cancer 116 (2) 195-201 [2017-01-17; online 2016-12-09]
Tissue Profiling [Service]

Year 2016

The protein phosphatase 2A regulatory subunit PR70 is a gonosomal melanoma tumor suppressor gene.
van Kempen LC, Redpath M, Elchebly M, ..., Feunteun J, Spatz A
Sci Transl Med 8 (369) 369ra177 [2016-12-14; online 2016-12-16]
Tissue Profiling [Collaborative]
Looking for Missing Proteins in the Proteome of Human Spermatozoa: An Update.
Vandenbrouck Y, Lane L, Carapito C, ..., Garin J, Pineau C
J. Proteome Res. 15 (11) 3998-4019 [2016-11-04; online 2016-08-23]
Tissue Profiling [Collaborative]
Long-term outcome in young women with breast cancer: a population-based study.
Fredholm H, Magnusson K, Lindström LS, ..., Frisell J, Fredriksson I
Breast Cancer Res. Treat. 160 (1) 131-143 [2016-11-00; online 2016-09-13]
Tissue Profiling [Collaborative]
Analysis of Body-wide Unfractionated Tissue Data to Identify a Core Human Endothelial Transcriptome.
Butler LM, Hallström BM, Fagerberg L, ..., Renné T, Odeberg J
Cell Syst 3 (3) 287-301.e3 [2016-09-28; online 2016-09-15]
Tissue Profiling [Collaborative]
Tissue microarray profiling in human heart failure.
Lal S, Nguyen L, Tezone R, ..., Li A, Dos Remedios C
Proteomics 16 (17) 2319-2326 [2016-09-00; online 2016-08-11]
Tissue Profiling [Collaborative]
SATB2 is expressed in Merkel cell carcinoma.
Fukuhara M, Agnarsdóttir M, Edqvist PH, Coter A, Ponten F
Arch. Dermatol. Res. 308 (6) 449-454 [2016-08-00; online 2016-06-04]
Tissue Profiling [Technology development]
System-wide Clinical Proteomics of Breast Cancer Reveals Global Remodeling of Tissue Homeostasis.
Pozniak Y, Balint-Lahat N, Rudolph JD, ..., Barshack I, Geiger T
Cell Syst 2 (3) 172-184 [2016-03-23; online 2016-03-03]
Tissue Profiling [Collaborative]
Oncogene-Induced Senescence in Pituitary Adenomas--an Immunohistochemical Study.
Manojlovic-Gacic E, Skender-Gazibara M, Popovic V, ..., Pontén F, Casar-Borota O
Endocr. Pathol. 27 (1) 1-11 [2016-03-00; online 2015-11-18]
Tissue Profiling [Collaborative]

Year 2015

Year 2014

Aberrantly activated claudin 6 and 18.2 as potential therapy targets in non-small-cell lung cancer.
Micke P, Mattsson JS, Edlund K, ..., Sahin U, Türeci O
Int. J. Cancer 135 (9) 2206-2214 [2014-11-01; online 2014-04-09]
Tissue Profiling
Histidine-rich glycoprotein uptake and turnover is mediated by mononuclear phagocytes.
Tugues S, Roche F, Noguer O, ..., Tolmachev V, Claesson-Welsh L
PLoS ONE 9 (9) e107483 [2014-09-22; online 2014-09-22]
Tissue Profiling
The prognostic value and therapeutic target role of stathmin-1 in urinary bladder cancer.
Hemdan T, Lindén M, Lind SB, ..., Malmström PU, Segersten U
Br. J. Cancer 111 (6) 1180-1187 [2014-09-09; online 2014-07-29]
Tissue Profiling [Collaborative]
An integrative analysis of the tumorigenic role of TAZ in human non-small cell lung cancer.
Noguchi S, Saito A, Horie M, ..., Micke P, Nagase T
Clin. Cancer Res. 20 (17) 4660-4672 [2014-09-01; online 2014-06-22]
Tissue Profiling
Analysis of candidate genes for lineage-specific expression changes in humans and primates.
Lindskog C, Kuhlwilm M, Davierwala A, ..., Pääbo S, Pontén F
J. Proteome Res. 13 (8) 3596-3606 [2014-08-01; online 2014-07-15]
Tissue Profiling
Garbage in, garbage out: a critical evaluation of strategies used for validation of immunohistochemical biomarkers.
O'Hurley G, Sjöstedt E, Rahman A, ..., Gallagher WM, Lindskog C
Mol Oncol 8 (4) 783-798 [2014-06-00; online 2014-04-15]
Tissue Profiling
Decreased decorin expression in the tumor microenvironment.
Bozoky B, Savchenko A, Guven H, ..., Klein G, Szekely L
Cancer Med 3 (3) 485-491 [2014-06-00; online 2014-03-19]
Tissue Profiling
WNT5A-mediated β-catenin-independent signalling is a novel regulator of cancer cell metabolism.
Sherwood V, Chaurasiya SK, Ekström EJ, ..., James P, Andersson T
Carcinogenesis 35 (4) 784-794 [2014-04-00; online 2013-12-03]
Tissue Profiling
Investigation of molecular alterations of AKT-3 in triple-negative breast cancer.
O'Hurley G, Daly E, O'Grady A, ..., Kay EW, Gallagher WM
Histopathology 64 (5) 660-670 [2014-04-00; online 2013-10-22]
Tissue Profiling
Antibody performance in western blot applications is context-dependent.
Algenäs C, Agaton C, Fagerberg L, ..., Ottosson Takanen J, Hober S
Biotechnol J 9 (3) 435-445 [2014-03-00; online 2014-01-10]
Spatial Proteomics Tissue Profiling
Subtyping of gliomas of various WHO grades by the application of immunohistochemistry.
Popova SN, Bergqvist M, Dimberg A, ..., Sooman L, Alafuzoff I
Histopathology 64 (3) 365-379 [2014-02-00; online 2014-01-15]
Tissue Profiling
Glioma-derived macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) promotes mast cell recruitment in a STAT5-dependent manner.
Põlajeva J, Bergström T, Edqvist PH, ..., Forsberg Nilsson K, Tchougounova E
Mol Oncol 8 (1) 50-58 [2014-02-00; online 2013-10-05]
Tissue Profiling
A systematic analysis of commonly used antibodies in cancer diagnostics.
Gremel G, Bergman J, Djureinovic D, ..., Micke P, Pontén F
Histopathology 64 (2) 293-305 [2014-01-00; online 2013-12-18]
Tissue Profiling

Year 2013

In situ Protein Detection for Companion Diagnostics.
Gremel G, Grannas K, Sutton LA, Pontén F, Zieba A
Front Oncol 3 (-) 271 [2013-10-31; online 2013-10-31]
Tissue Profiling
Heart research advances using database search engines, Human Protein Atlas and the Sydney Heart Bank.
Li A, Estigoy C, Raftery M, ..., Lal S, Dos Remedios CG
Heart Lung Circ 22 (10) 819-826 [2013-10-00; online 2013-07-17]
Tissue Profiling
Tumour expression of bladder cancer-associated urinary proteins.
Lindén M, Segersten U, Runeson M, ..., Lind SB, Malmström PU
BJU Int. 112 (3) 407-415 [2013-08-00; online 2013-03-09]
Tissue Profiling
Novel signatures of cancer-associated fibroblasts.
Bozóky B, Savchenko A, Csermely P, ..., Székely L, Klein G
Int. J. Cancer 133 (2) 286-293 [2013-07-15; online 2013-01-16]
Tissue Profiling
Estrogen receptor β expression induces changes in the microRNA pool in human colon cancer cells.
Edvardsson K, Nguyen-Vu T, Kalasekar SM, ..., Gustafsson JÅ, Williams C
Carcinogenesis 34 (7) 1431-1441 [2013-07-00; online 2013-02-26]
Tissue Profiling
European H16N3 gull influenza virus attaches to the human respiratory tract and eye.
Lindskog C, Ellström P, Olsen B, ..., Kuiken T, Jourdain E
PLoS ONE 8 (4) e60757 [2013-04-08; online 2013-04-08]
Tissue Profiling
STC1 expression by cancer-associated fibroblasts drives metastasis of colorectal cancer.
Peña C, Céspedes MV, Lindh MB, ..., Augsten M, Ostman A
Cancer Res. 73 (4) 1287-1297 [2013-02-15; online 2012-12-18]
Tissue Profiling

Year 2012

Transcription factor PROX1: its role in development and cancer.
Elsir T, Smits A, Lindström MS, Nistér M
Cancer Metastasis Rev. 31 (3-4) 793-805 [2012-12-00; online 2012-06-27]
Tissue Profiling
CD99 is a novel prognostic stromal marker in non-small cell lung cancer.
Edlund K, Lindskog C, Saito A, ..., Ostman A, Micke P
Int. J. Cancer 131 (10) 2264-2273 [2012-11-15; online 2012-03-07]
Array and Analysis Facility Tissue Profiling
TPX2 and AURKA promote 20q amplicon-driven colorectal adenoma to carcinoma progression.
Sillars-Hardebol AH, Carvalho B, Tijssen M, ..., Fijneman RJ, Meijer GA
Gut 61 (11) 1568-1575 [2012-11-00; online 2011-12-31]
Tissue Profiling
Consistent mutation status within histologically heterogeneous lung cancer lesions.
Mattsson JS, Imgenberg-Kreuz J, Edlund K, Botling J, Micke P
Histopathology 61 (4) 744-748 [2012-10-00; online 2012-03-31]
Tissue Profiling
Platelet-derived growth factor over-expression in retinal progenitors results in abnormal retinal vessel formation.
Edqvist PH, Niklasson M, Vidal-Sanz M, Hallböök F, Forsberg-Nilsson K
PLoS ONE 7 (8) e42488 [2012-08-03; online 2012-08-03]
Tissue Profiling
Novel pancreatic beta cell-specific proteins: antibody-based proteomics for identification of new biomarker candidates.
Lindskog C, Korsgren O, Pontén F, ..., Johansson L, Danielsson A
J Proteomics 75 (9) 2611-2620 [2012-05-17; online 2012-04-03]
Tissue Profiling
Scalable in situ hybridization on tissue arrays for validation of novel cancer and tissue-specific biomarkers.
Kiflemariam S, Andersson S, Asplund A, Pontén F, Sjöblom T
PLoS ONE 7 (3) e32927 [2012-03-08; online 2012-03-08]
Tissue Profiling
Antibody-based protein profiling of the human chromosome 21.
Uhlén M, Oksvold P, Älgenäs C, ..., Kondo T, Sivertsson Å
Mol. Cell Proteomics 11 (3) M111.013458 [2012-03-00; online 2011-11-02]
Spatial Proteomics Tissue Profiling
BCL2L1 has a functional role in colorectal cancer and its protein expression is associated with chromosome 20q gain.
Sillars-Hardebol AH, Carvalho B, Beliën JA, ..., Fijneman RJ, Meijer GA
J. Pathol. 226 (3) 442-450 [2012-02-00; online 2011-10-20]
Tissue Profiling

Year 2011

Large-scale protein profiling in human cell lines using antibody-based proteomics.
Fagerberg L, Strömberg S, El-Obeid A, ..., Ponten F, Asplund A
J. Proteome Res. 10 (9) 4066-4075 [2011-09-02; online 2011-07-06]
Tissue Profiling
Functional and prognostic relevance of the homeobox protein MSX2 in malignant melanoma.
Gremel G, Ryan D, Rafferty M, ..., Ponten F, Gallagher WM
Br. J. Cancer 105 (4) 565-574 [2011-08-09; online 2011-07-07]
Tissue Profiling
RBM3-regulated genes promote DNA integrity and affect clinical outcome in epithelial ovarian cancer.
Ehlén Å, Nodin B, Rexhepaj E, ..., Brennan DJ, Jirström K
Transl Oncol 4 (4) 212-221 [2011-08-00; online 2011-08-01]
Tissue Profiling
Growth differentiation factor 15: a prognostic marker for recurrence in colorectal cancer.
Wallin U, Glimelius B, Jirström K, ..., Påhlman L, Birgisson H
Br. J. Cancer 104 (10) 1619-1627 [2011-05-10; online 2011-04-07]
Tissue Profiling
GAD1 is a biomarker for benign and malignant prostatic tissue.
Jaraj SJ, Augsten M, Häggarth L, ..., Ostman A, Egevad L
Scand. J. Urol. Nephrol. 45 (1) 39-45 [2011-02-00; online 2010-11-26]
Tissue Profiling
Diagnostic biomarkers of prostate cancer.
Häggarth L, Hägglöf C, Jaraj SJ, ..., Ostman A, Egevad L
Scand. J. Urol. Nephrol. 45 (1) 60-67 [2011-02-00; online 2010-11-03]
Tissue Profiling

Year 2010

SOX10 expression in superficial spreading and nodular malignant melanomas.
Agnarsdóttir M, Sooman L, Bolander A, ..., Uhlen M, Hedstrand H
Melanoma Res. 20 (6) 468-478 [2010-12-00; online 2010-10-05]
Tissue Profiling
Antibody-based proteomics for discovery and exploration of proteins expressed in pancreatic islets.
Lindskog C, Asplund A, Engkvist M, ..., Korsgren O, Ponten F
Discov Med 9 (49) 565-578 [2010-06-00; online 2010-07-01]
Tissue Profiling
Tumour-specific HMG-CoAR is an independent predictor of recurrence free survival in epithelial ovarian cancer.
Brennan DJ, Brändstedt J, Rexhepaj E, ..., O'Herlihy C, Jirstrom K
BMC Cancer 10 (-) 125 [2010-04-01; online 2010-04-01]
Tissue Profiling
The impact of tissue fixatives on morphology and antibody-based protein profiling in tissues and cells.
Paavilainen L, Edvinsson A, Asplund A, ..., Pontén F, Wester K
J. Histochem. Cytochem. 58 (3) 237-246 [2010-03-00; online 2009-11-11]
Tissue Profiling

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