Publications 2014

Title Authors Journal Published Online
A novel cytosolic NADH:quinone oxidoreductase fromMethanothermobacter marburgensis Ullmann E, Tan TC, Gundinger T, ..., Divne C, Spadiut O Biosci. Rep. 34 (6) 893-904 2014-12-23 2014-12-23
Inhibitory Activity of the Isoflavone Biochanin A on Intracellular Bacteria of Genus Chlamydia and Initial Development of a Buccal Formulation Hanski L, Genina N, Uvell H, ..., Sandler N, Vuorela PM PLoS ONE 9 (12) e115115 2014-12-16 2014-12-16
Exploration and pharmacokinetic profiling of phenylalanine based carbamates as novel substance p 1-7 analogues. Fransson R, Nordvall G, Bylund J, ..., Hallberg M, Sandström A ACS Med Chem Lett 5 (12) 1272-1277 2014-12-11 2014-10-29
Sensitive detection of aggregated prion protein via proximity ligation. Hammond M, Wik L, Deslys JP, ..., Landegren U, Kamali-Moghaddam M Prion 8 (3) 261-265 2014-12-09 2014-12-09
Inhibition of tumor cell proliferation and motility by fibroblasts is both contact and soluble factor dependent. Alkasalias T, Flaberg E, Kashuba V, ..., Klein G, Guven H Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 111 (48) 17188-17193 2014-12-02 2014-11-19
Vinylated linear P2 pyrimidinyloxyphenylglycine based inhibitors of the HCV NS3/4A protease and corresponding macrocycles. Lampa A, Alogheli H, Ehrenberg AE, ..., Karlén A, Sandström A Bioorg. Med. Chem. 22 (23) 6595-6615 2014-12-01 2014-12-03
Both Lewis and secretor status mediate susceptibility to rotavirus infections in a rotavirus genotype-dependent manner. Nordgren J, Sharma S, Bucardo F, ..., Larson G, Svensson L Clin. Infect. Dis. 59 (11) 1567-1573 2014-12-01 2014-08-07
An outbreak of respiratory tularemia caused by diverse clones of Francisella tularensis. Johansson A, Lärkeryd A, Widerström M, ..., Forsman M, Larsson P Clin. Infect. Dis. 59 (11) 1546-1553 2014-12-01 2014-08-05
The lung-specific proteome defined by integration of transcriptomics and antibody-based profiling. Lindskog C, Fagerberg L, Hallström B, ..., Pontén F, Micke P FASEB J. 28 (12) 5184-5196 2014-12-00 2014-08-28
Studies of plant colonisation by closely related Bacillus amyloliquefaciens biocontrol agents using strain specific quantitative PCR assays. Johansson AH, Bejai S, Niazi A, ..., Bongcam-Rudloff E, Meijer J Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 106 (6) 1247-1257 2014-12-00 2014-10-09
Serotonin receptor gene (5HT-2A) polymorphism is associated with provoked vestibulodynia and comorbid symptoms of pain. Heddini U, Bohm-Starke N, Grönbladh A, ..., Nilsson KW, Johannesson U J Sex Med 11 (12) 3064-3071 2014-12-00 2014-09-02
Peritoneal carcinomatosis from small intestinal neuroendocrine tumors: Clinical course and genetic profiling. Norlén O, Edfeldt K, Akerstrom G, ..., Bjorklund P, Stalberg P Surgery 156 (6) 1512-21; discussion 1521-2 2014-12-00 2014-11-11
Large-scale metabolomic profiling identifies novel biomarkers for incident coronary heart disease. Ganna A, Salihovic S, Sundström J, ..., Fall T, Ingelsson E PLoS Genet. 10 (12) e1004801 2014-12-00 2014-12-11
Intragenic duplication--a novel causative mechanism for SATB2-associated syndrome. Liedén A, Kvarnung M, Nilssson D, Sahlin E, Lundberg ES Am. J. Med. Genet. A 164A (12) 3083-3087 2014-12-00 2014-09-25
Insights into conifer giga-genomes. De La Torre AR, Birol I, Bousquet J, ..., Zerbe P, Bohlmann J Plant Physiol. 166 (4) 1724-1732 2014-12-00 2014-10-29
Inhibition of Insulin-Regulated Aminopeptidase (IRAP) by Arylsulfonamides. Borhade SR, Rosenström U, Sävmarker J, ..., Larhed M, Hallberg M ChemistryOpen 3 (6) 256-263 2014-12-00 2014-11-21
Gene expression associated with intersterility in Heterobasidion Van der Nest MA, Olson Å, Karlsson M, ..., Wingfield BD, Stenlid J Fungal Genetics and Biology 73 (-) 104-119 2014-12-00 2014-12-00
Evaluation of efficacy of a new MEK inhibitor, RO4987655, in human tumor xenografts by [(18)F] FDG-PET imaging combined with proteomic approaches. Tegnebratt T, Ruge E, Bader S, ..., Tessier J, Stone-Elander S EJNMMI Res 4 (1) 34 2014-12-00 2014-09-09
Efficient application of next-generation sequencing for the diagnosis of rare genetic syndromes. Madrigal I, Alvarez-Mora MI, Karlberg O, ..., Syvänen AC, Milà M J. Clin. Pathol. 67 (12) 1099-1103 2014-12-00 2014-10-02
Donor or recipient origin of posttransplant lymphoproliferative disorders following solid organ transplantation. Kinch A, Cavelier L, Bengtsson M, ..., Sundström C, Pauksens K Am. J. Transplant. 14 (12) 2838-2845 2014-12-00 2014-10-10
Common genetic variants highlight the role of insulin resistance and body fat distribution in type 2 diabetes, independent of obesity. Scott RA, Fall T, Pasko D, ..., Langenberg C, Wareham NJ Diabetes 63 (12) 4378-4387 2014-12-00 2014-06-19
Applying polygenic risk scores to postpartum depression. Byrne EM, Carrillo-Roa T, Penninx BW, ..., Meltzer-Brody S, Wray NR Arch Womens Ment Health 17 (6) 519-528 2014-12-00 2014-07-19
High opsin diversity in a non-visual infaunal brittle star. Delroisse J, Ullrich-Lüter E, Ortega-Martinez O, ..., Mallefet J, Flammang P BMC Genomics 15 (-) 1035 2014-11-28 2014-11-28
Complete Genome Sequence of Francisella endociliophora Strain FSC1006, Isolated from a Laboratory Culture of the Marine Ciliate Euplotes raikovi. Sjödin A, Ohrman C, Bäckman S, ..., Stenberg P, Thelaus J Genome Announc 2 (6) - 2014-11-26 2014-11-26
1p36 deletion is a marker for tumour dissemination in microsatellite stable stage II-III colon cancer. Mayrhofer M, Kultima HG, Birgisson H, ..., Glimelius B, Isaksson A BMC Cancer 14 (-) 872 2014-11-24 2014-11-24
The Eph tyrosine kinase receptors EphB2 and EphA2 are novel proteolytic substrates of tissue factor/coagulation factor VIIa. Eriksson O, Ramström M, Hörnaeus K, ..., Mokhtari D, Siegbahn A J. Biol. Chem. 289 (47) 32379-32391 2014-11-21 2014-10-05
Microwave Heated Flow Synthesis of Spiro-oxindole Dihydroquinazolinone Based IRAP Inhibitors Engen K, Sävmarker J, Rosenström U, ..., Jenmalm-Jensen A, Larhed M Org. Process Res. Dev. 18 (11) 1582-1588 2014-11-21 2014-10-16
Growth differentiation factor 15, a marker of oxidative stress and inflammation, for risk assessment in patients with atrial fibrillation: insights from the Apixaban for Reduction in Stroke and Other Thromboembolic Events in Atrial Fibrillation (ARISTOTLE) trial. Wallentin L, Hijazi Z, Andersson U, ..., Siegbahn A, ARISTOTLE Investigators Circulation 130 (21) 1847-1858 2014-11-18 2014-10-07
Metagenomic approaches to disclose disease-associated pathogens: detection of viral pathogens in honeybees. Granberg F, Karlsson OE, Belák S Methods Mol. Biol. 1247 (-) 491-511 2014-11-17 2014-11-17
Pathway analysis of cervical cancer genome-wide association study highlights the MHC region and pathways involved in response to infection. Chen D, Enroth S, Ivansson E, Gyllensten U Hum. Mol. Genet. 23 (22) 6047-6060 2014-11-15 2014-06-18
Leachability and desorption of PCBs from soil and their dependency on pH and dissolved organic matter. Badea SL, Mustafa M, Lundstedt S, Tysklind M Sci. Total Environ. 499 (-) 220-227 2014-11-15 2014-09-07
Genomic identification and characterization of the pseudoautosomal region in highly differentiated avian sex chromosomes Smeds L, Kawakami T, Burri R, ..., Uebbing S, Ellegren H Nat Commun 5 (-) 5448 2014-11-07 2014-11-07
Defining the human adipose tissue proteome to reveal metabolic alterations in obesity. Mardinoglu A, Kampf C, Asplund A, ..., Uhlen M, Nielsen J J. Proteome Res. 13 (11) 5106-5119 2014-11-07 2014-09-16
Analysis of autoantibody profiles in osteoarthritis using comprehensive protein array concepts. Henjes F, Lourido L, Ruiz-Romero C, ..., Nilsson P, Fuentes M J. Proteome Res. 13 (11) 5218-5229 2014-11-07 2014-10-09
Affinity proteomic profiling of plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, and brain tissue within multiple sclerosis. Byström S, Ayoglu B, Häggmark A, ..., Nilsson P, Schwenk JM J. Proteome Res. 13 (11) 4607-4619 2014-11-07 2014-09-19
Multimodal fluorescence microscopy of prion strain specific PrP deposits stained by thiophene-based amyloid ligands. Magnusson K, Simon R, Sjölander D, ..., Hammarström P, Nilsson KP Prion 8 (4) 319-329 2014-11-01 2014-11-01
Aberrantly activated claudin 6 and 18.2 as potential therapy targets in non-small-cell lung cancer. Micke P, Mattsson JS, Edlund K, ..., Sahin U, Türeci O Int. J. Cancer 135 (9) 2206-2214 2014-11-01 2014-04-09
Replicability and robustness of genome-wide-association studies for behavioral traits. Rietveld CA, Conley D, Eriksson N, ..., Koellinger PD, Social Science Genetics Association Consortium Psychol Sci 25 (11) 1975-1986 2014-11-00 2014-10-06
Parallel barcoding of antibodies for DNA-assisted proteomics. Dezfouli M, Vickovic S, Iglesias MJ, Schwenk JM, Ahmadian A Proteomics 14 (21-22) 2432-2436 2014-11-00 2014-09-30
Integration of genome-wide of Stat3 binding and epigenetic modification mapping with transcriptome reveals novel Stat3 target genes in glioma cells. Kruczyk M, Przanowski P, Dabrowski M, ..., Kaminska B, Komorowski J Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1839 (11) 1341-1350 2014-11-00 2014-08-12
Human isolates of Listeria monocytogenes in Sweden during half a century (1958-2010). Lopez-Valladares G, Tham W, Parihar VS, ..., Henriques-Normark B, Danielsson-Tham ML Epidemiol. Infect. 142 (11) 2251-2260 2014-11-00 2014-02-01
Fat mass and obesity-associated gene (FTO) is linked to higher plasma levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin and lower serum levels of the satiety hormone leptin in older adults. Benedict C, Axelsson T, Söderberg S, ..., Lind L, Schiöth HB Diabetes 63 (11) 3955-3959 2014-11-00 2014-06-06
Evolution reveals a glutathione-dependent mechanism of 3-hydroxypropionic acid tolerance. Kildegaard KR, Hallström BM, Blicher TH, ..., Nielsen J, Borodina I Metab. Eng. 26 (-) 57-66 2014-11-00 2014-09-30
Estimation of linkage disequilibrium and interspecific gene flow in Ficedula flycatchers by a newly developed 50k single-nucleotide polymorphism array. Kawakami T, Backström N, Burri R, ..., Qvarnström A, Ellegren H Mol Ecol Resour 14 (6) 1248-1260 2014-11-00 2014-05-03
Defining the role of common variation in the genomic and biological architecture of adult human height. Wood AR, Esko T, Yang J, ..., Hirschhorn JN, Frayling TM Nat. Genet. 46 (11) 1173-1186 2014-11-00 2014-10-06
Defining the human gallbladder proteome by transcriptomics and affinity proteomics. Kampf C, Mardinoglu A, Fagerberg L, ..., Pontén F, Uhlen M Proteomics 14 (21-22) 2498-2507 2014-11-00 2014-09-02
Cesarean delivery and hematopoietic stem cell epigenetics in the newborn infant: implications for future health? Almgren M, Schlinzig T, Gomez-Cabrero D, ..., Norman M, Ekström TJ Am. J. Obstet. Gynecol. 211 (5) 502.e1-502.e8 2014-11-00 2014-07-06
Binning metagenomic contigs by coverage and composition. Alneberg J, Bjarnason BS, de Bruijn I, ..., Andersson AF, Quince C Nat. Methods 11 (11) 1144-1146 2014-11-00 2014-09-15
Bcl-2 maintains the mitochondrial membrane potential, but fails to affect production of reactive oxygen species and endoplasmic reticulum stress, in sodium palmitate-induced β-cell death. Wang X, Welsh N Ups. J. Med. Sci. 119 (4) 306-315 2014-11-00 2014-10-01
Antibody validation of immunohistochemistry for biomarker discovery: recommendations of a consortium of academic and pharmaceutical based histopathology researchers. Howat WJ, Lewis A, Jones P, ..., Womack C, Warford A Methods 70 (1) 34-38 2014-11-00 2014-02-15
Abolished InsP3R2 function inhibits sweat secretion in both humans and mice. Klar J, Hisatsune C, Baig SM, ..., Mikoshiba K, Dahl N J. Clin. Invest. 124 (11) 4773-4780 2014-11-00 2014-10-20
Melanoma patient-derived xenografts accurately model the disease and develop fast enough to guide treatment decisions. Einarsdottir BO, Bagge RO, Bhadury J, ..., Ny L, Nilsson JA Oncotarget 5 (20) 9609-9618 2014-10-30 2014-09-18
Populus tremula (European aspen) shows no evidence of sexual dimorphism. Robinson KM, Delhomme N, Mähler N, ..., Jansson S, Street NR BMC Plant Biol. 14 (-) 276 2014-10-16 2014-10-16
Allelic expression mapping across cellular lineages to establish impact of non-coding SNPs. Adoue V, Schiavi A, Light N, ..., Syvänen A, Pastinen T Mol. Syst. Biol. 10 (-) 754 2014-10-16 2014-10-16
Identification of 33 candidate oncogenes by screening for base-specific mutations. Tuupanen S, Hänninen UA, Kondelin J, ..., Pitkänen E, Aaltonen LA Br. J. Cancer 111 (8) 1657-1662 2014-10-14 2014-08-15
Human genetic evidence for involvement of CD137 in atherosclerosis. Söderström LÅ, Gertow K, Folkersen L, ..., Hansson GK, Olofsson PS Mol. Med. 20 (-) 456-465 2014-10-14 2014-07-18
Inter- and intratumoral heterogeneity of BCL2 correlates with IgH expression and prognosis in follicular lymphoma. Barreca A, Martinengo C, Annaratone L, ..., van Oudenaarden A, Chiarle R Blood Cancer J 4 (-) e249 2014-10-10 2014-10-10
Gene and protein expression and cellular localisation of cytochrome P450 enzymes of the 1A, 2A, 2C, 2D and 2E subfamilies in equine intestine and liver. Tydén E, Tjälve H, Larsson P Acta Vet. Scand. 56 (-) 69 2014-10-08 2014-10-08
CanvasDB: a local database infrastructure for analysis of targeted- and whole genome re-sequencing projects. Ameur A, Bunikis I, Enroth S, Gyllensten U Database (Oxford) 2014 (-) - 2014-10-03 2014-10-03
Biofuels. Altered sterol composition renders yeast thermotolerant. Caspeta L, Chen Y, Ghiaci P, ..., Petranovic D, Nielsen J Science 346 (6205) 75-78 2014-10-03 2014-10-02
Parent-of-origin-specific allelic associations among 106 genomic loci for age at menarche. Perry JR, Day F, Elks CE, ..., Murabito JM, Ong KK Nature 514 (7520) 92-97 2014-10-02 2014-07-23
Acetate availability and utilization supports the growth of mutant sub-populations on aging bacterial colonies. Bergman JM, Wrande M, Hughes D PLoS ONE 9 (10) e109255 2014-10-02 2014-10-02
Uneven distribution of human papillomavirus 16 in cervical carcinoma in situ and squamous cell carcinoma in older females: A retrospective database study. Andersson S, Mints M, Gyllensten U, ..., Lambe M, Wilander E Oncol Lett 8 (4) 1528-1532 2014-10-00 2014-09-10
The human skeletal muscle transcriptome: sex differences, alternative splicing, and tissue homogeneity assessed with RNA sequencing. Lindholm ME, Huss M, Solnestam BW, ..., Lundeberg J, Sundberg CJ FASEB J. 28 (10) 4571-4581 2014-10-00 2014-07-11
The DMRT3 'Gait keeper' mutation affects performance of Nordic and Standardbred trotters. Jäderkvist K, Andersson LS, Johansson AM, ..., Andersson L, Lindgren G J. Anim. Sci. 92 (10) 4279-4286 2014-10-00 2014-08-03
Signals that regulate the oncogenic fate of neural stem cells and progenitors. Swartling FJ, Bolin S, Phillips JJ, Persson AI Exp. Neurol. 260 (-) 56-68 2014-10-00 2013-02-05
NPSR1 polymorphisms influence recurrent abdominal pain in children: a population-based study. Henström M, Zucchelli M, Söderhäll C, ..., Olén O, D'Amato M Neurogastroenterol. Motil. 26 (10) 1417-1425 2014-10-00 2014-08-05
Medium from γ-irradiated Escherichia coli bacteria stimulates a unique immune response in Drosophila cells. Lindberg BG, Oldenvi S, Steiner H Dev. Comp. Immunol. 46 (2) 392-400 2014-10-00 2014-06-04
In situ sequencing identifies TMPRSS2-ERG fusion transcripts, somatic point mutations and gene expression levels in prostate cancers. Kiflemariam S, Mignardi M, Ali MA, ..., Nilsson M, Sjöblom T J. Pathol. 234 (2) 253-261 2014-10-00 2014-08-04
HemR is an OmpR/PhoB-like response regulator from Leptospira, which simultaneously effects transcriptional activation and repression of key haem metabolism genes. Morero NR, Botti H, Nitta KR, ..., Picardeau M, Buschiazzo A Mol. Microbiol. 94 (2) 340-352 2014-10-00 2014-08-26
Evidence for autosomal recessive inheritance in SPG3A caused by homozygosity for a novel ATL1 missense mutation. Khan TN, Klar J, Tariq M, ..., Baig SM, Dahl N Eur. J. Hum. Genet. 22 (10) 1180-1184 2014-10-00 2014-01-30
Epoxy alcohol synthase of the rice blast fungus represents a novel subfamily of dioxygenase-cytochrome P450 fusion enzymes. Hoffmann I, Jernerén F, Oliw EH J. Lipid Res. 55 (10) 2113-2123 2014-10-00 2014-08-15
Design of a general-purpose European compound screening library for EU-OPENSCREEN. Horvath D, Lisurek M, Rupp B, ..., Quintana J, Frank R ChemMedChem 9 (10) 2309-2326 2014-10-00 2014-07-15
Controversies inASSAY and Drug Development Technologies: A Focus on Assessing Irreproducibility Glickman JF, Lundbäck T, Napper AD, ..., Zaman GJR, Osada H ASSAY and Drug Development Technologies 12 (8) 443-451 2014-10-00 2014-10-00
Analyses of historical and current populations of black grouse in Central Europe reveal strong effects of genetic drift and loss of genetic diversity Segelbacher G, Strand TM, Quintela M, ..., Koelewijn HP, Höglund J Conserv Genet 15 (5) 1183-1195 2014-10-00 2014-04-27
A worldwide survey of genome sequence variation provides insight into the evolutionary history of the honeybee Apis mellifera. Wallberg A, Han F, Wellhagen G, ..., Pirk CW, Webster MT Nat. Genet. 46 (10) 1081-1088 2014-10-00 2014-08-26
Human cytomegalovirus tegument protein pp65 is detected in all intra- and extra-axial brain tumours independent of the tumour type or grade. Libard S, Popova SN, Amini RM, ..., Ponten F, Alafuzoff I PLoS ONE 9 (9) e108861 2014-09-30 2014-09-30
The Chironomus tentans genome sequence and the organization of the Balbiani ring genes. Kutsenko A, Svensson T, Nystedt B, ..., Visa N, Wieslander L BMC Genomics 15 (-) 819 2014-09-27 2014-09-27
Plasmidome interchange between Clostridium botulinum, Clostridium novyi and Clostridium haemolyticum converts strains of independent lineages into distinctly different pathogens. Skarin H, Segerman B PLoS ONE 9 (9) e107777 2014-09-25 2014-09-25
Oncoprotein stabilization in brain tumors. Hede SM, Savov V, Weishaupt H, Sangfelt O, Swartling FJ Oncogene 33 (39) 4709-4721 2014-09-25 2013-10-30
Glial origin of mesenchymal stem cells in a tooth model system. Kaukua N, Shahidi MK, Konstantinidou C, ..., Fried K, Adameyko I Nature 513 (7519) 551-554 2014-09-25 2014-08-01
Evidence that breast cancer risk at the 2q35 locus is mediated through IGFBP5 regulation. Ghoussaini M, Edwards SL, Michailidou K, ..., Dunning AM, Australian Ovarian Cancer Management Group Nat Commun 4 (1) 4999 2014-09-23 2014-09-23
Common genetic variants associated with cognitive performance identified using the proxy-phenotype method. Rietveld CA, Esko T, Davies G, ..., Cesarini D, Koellinger PD Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 111 (38) 13790-13794 2014-09-23 2014-09-08
Histidine-rich glycoprotein uptake and turnover is mediated by mononuclear phagocytes. Tugues S, Roche F, Noguer O, ..., Tolmachev V, Claesson-Welsh L PLoS ONE 9 (9) e107483 2014-09-22 2014-09-22
Distinguishing between driver and passenger mutations in individual cancer genomes by network enrichment analysis. Merid SK, Goranskaya D, Alexeyenko A BMC Bioinformatics 15 (-) 308 2014-09-19 2014-09-19
A universal approach to prepare reagents for DNA-assisted protein analysis. Yan J, Gu GJ, Jost C, ..., Landegren U, Kamali-Moghaddam M PLoS ONE 9 (9) e108061 2014-09-18 2014-09-18
Characterization of stem-like cells in mucoepidermoid tracheal paediatric tumor. Lim ML, Ooi BN, Jungebluth P, ..., Ahrlund-Richter L, Macchiarini P PLoS ONE 9 (9) e107712 2014-09-17 2014-09-17
Structural and functional characterization of ochratoxinase, a novel mycotoxin-degrading enzyme. Dobritzsch D, Wang H, Schneider G, Yu S Biochem. J. 462 (3) 441-452 2014-09-15 2014-06-21
The DEK oncoprotein binds to highly and ubiquitously expressed genes with a dual role in their transcriptional regulation. Sandén C, Järvstråt L, Lennartsson A, ..., Nilsson B, Gullberg U Mol. Cancer 13 (-) 215 2014-09-12 2014-09-12
Genome-wide analysis reveals DNA methylation markers that vary with both age and obesity. Almén MS, Nilsson EK, Jacobsson JA, ..., Fredriksson R, Schiöth HB Gene 548 (1) 61-67 2014-09-10 2014-07-11
The prognostic value and therapeutic target role of stathmin-1 in urinary bladder cancer. Hemdan T, Lindén M, Lind SB, ..., Malmström PU, Segersten U Br. J. Cancer 111 (6) 1180-1187 2014-09-09 2014-07-29
The Glanville fritillary genome retains an ancient karyotype and reveals selective chromosomal fusions in Lepidoptera. Ahola V, Lehtonen R, Somervuo P, ..., Frilander MJ, Hanski I Nat Commun 5 (-) 4737 2014-09-05 2014-09-05
Neu-Laxova syndrome is a heterogeneous metabolic disorder caused by defects in enzymes of the L-serine biosynthesis pathway. Acuna-Hidalgo R, Schanze D, Kariminejad A, ..., Hoischen A, Zenker M Am. J. Hum. Genet. 95 (3) 285-293 2014-09-04 2014-08-26
Abstract of the 35th Scandinavian Congress of Rheumatology, September 20-23, 2014, Stockholm, Sweden. Scand J Rheumatol Suppl 43 (127) 1-97 2014-09-04 2014-09-04
Predictive urinary biomarkers for steroid-resistant and steroid-sensitive focal segmental glomerulosclerosis using high resolution mass spectrometry and multivariate statistical analysis. Kalantari S, Nafar M, Rutishauser D, ..., Yang H, Zubarev RA BMC Nephrol 15 (-) 141 2014-09-02 2014-09-02
Metagenomics reveals that detoxification systems are underrepresented in marine bacterial communities. Bengtsson-Palme J, Alm Rosenblad M, Molin M, Blomberg A BMC Genomics 15 (-) 749 2014-09-01 2014-09-01
An integrative analysis of the tumorigenic role of TAZ in human non-small cell lung cancer. Noguchi S, Saito A, Horie M, ..., Micke P, Nagase T Clin. Cancer Res. 20 (17) 4660-4672 2014-09-01 2014-06-22
Sexual structures and recombination of the wheat rust fungus Puccinia striiformis on Berberis vulgaris. Rodriguez-Algaba J, Walter S, Sørensen CK, Hovmøller MS, Justesen AF Fungal Genet. Biol. 70 (-) 77-85 2014-09-00 2014-07-22
Recurrent GATA1 mutations in Diamond-Blackfan anaemia. Klar J, Khalfallah A, Arzoo PS, Gazda HT, Dahl N Br. J. Haematol. 166 (6) 949-951 2014-09-00 2014-04-29
Productivity and salinity structuring of the microplankton revealed by comparative freshwater metagenomics Eiler A, Zaremba‐Niedzwiedzka K, Martínez‐García M, ..., Andersson SGE, Bertilsson S Environ Microbiol 16 (9) 2682-2698 2014-09-00 2013-11-12
Picocyanobacteria containing a novel pigment gene cluster dominate the brackish water Baltic Sea. Larsson J, Celepli N, Ininbergs K, ..., Bergman B, Ekman M ISME J 8 (9) 1892-1903 2014-09-00 2014-03-14
Interactive effects of KIBRA and CLSTN2 polymorphisms on episodic memory in old-age unipolar depression. Pantzar A, Laukka EJ, Atti AR, ..., Fratiglioni L, Bäckman L Neuropsychologia 62 (-) 137-142 2014-09-00 2014-08-01
Identification of three novel FGF16 mutations in X-linked recessive fusion of the fourth and fifth metacarpals and possible correlation with heart disease. Laurell T, Nilsson D, Hofmeister W, ..., Grigelioniene G, Nordgren A Mol Genet Genomic Med 2 (5) 402-411 2014-09-00 2014-05-14
Hypomethylated pollen bypasses the interploidy hybridization barrier in Arabidopsis. Schatlowski N, Wolff P, Santos-González J, ..., Tamaru H, Köhler C Plant Cell 26 (9) 3556-3568 2014-09-00 2014-09-12
Genome of the avirulent human-infective trypanosome--Trypanosoma rangeli. Stoco PH, Wagner G, Talavera-Lopez C, ..., de Vasconcelos AT, Grisard EC PLoS Negl Trop Dis 8 (9) e3176 2014-09-00 2014-09-18
Do the same genes underlie parallel phenotypic divergence in different Littorina saxatilis populations? Westram AM, Galindo J, Alm Rosenblad M, ..., Panova M, Butlin RK Mol. Ecol. 23 (18) 4603-4616 2014-09-00 2014-08-13
Cu(OAc)2 promoted Chan–Evans–Lam C–N cross coupling reactions on the N- and N′-nitrogen atoms of sulfonimidamides with aryl boronic acids Nandi GC, Kota SR, Govender T, Kruger HG, Arvidsson PI Tetrahedron 70 (35) 5428-5433 2014-09-00 2014-09-00
Splicing in the human brain. Zaghlool A, Ameur A, Cavelier L, Feuk L Int. Rev. Neurobiol. 116 (-) 95-125 2014-08-31 2014-08-31
Structural basis for regulation of the human acetyl-CoA thioesterase 12 and interactions with the steroidogenic acute regulatory protein-related lipid transfer (START) domain. Swarbrick CM, Roman N, Cowieson N, ..., Lehtiö L, Forwood JK J. Biol. Chem. 289 (35) 24263-24274 2014-08-29 2014-07-09
Rabbit genome analysis reveals a polygenic basis for phenotypic change during domestication. Carneiro M, Rubin CJ, Di Palma F, ..., Lindblad-Toh K, Andersson L Science 345 (6200) 1074-1079 2014-08-29 2014-08-30
Deep amplicon sequencing of preselected isolates of Parascaris equorum in β-tubulin codons associated with benzimidazole resistance in other nematodes. Tydén E, Dahlberg J, Karlberg O, Höglund J Parasit Vectors 7 (-) 410 2014-08-29 2014-08-29
The Arthonialean challenge: Restructuring Arthoniaceae Frisch A, Thor G, Ertz D, Grube M Taxon 63 (4) 727-744 2014-08-28 2014-08-28
A multicentre hospital outbreak in Sweden caused by introduction of a vanB2 transposon into a stably maintained pRUM-plasmid in an Enterococcus faecium ST192 clone. Sivertsen A, Billström H, Melefors Ö, ..., Sundsfjord A, Hegstad K PLoS ONE 9 (8) e103274 2014-08-25 2014-08-25
Strong effects of genetic and lifestyle factors on biomarker variation and use of personalized cutoffs. Enroth S, Johansson A, Enroth SB, Gyllensten U Nat Commun 5 (1) 4684 2014-08-22 2014-08-22
Small RNA sequence analysis of adenovirus VA RNA-derived miRNAs reveals an unexpected serotype-specific difference in structure and abundance. Kamel W, Segerman B, Punga T, Akusjärvi G PLoS ONE 9 (8) e105746 2014-08-21 2014-08-21
Missing genes, multiple ORFs, and C-to-U type RNA editing in Acrasis kona (Heterolobosea, Excavata) mitochondrial DNA. Fu CJ, Sheikh S, Miao W, Andersson SG, Baldauf SL Genome Biol Evol 6 (9) 2240-2257 2014-08-21 2014-08-21
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