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Ended: 2020

118 publications

Year 2020

Viral antigens elicit augmented immune responses in primary Sjögren's syndrome.
Björk A, Thorlacius GE, Mofors J, ..., Kvarnström M, Wahren-Herlenius M
Rheumatology (Oxford) 59 (7) 1651-1661 [2020-07-01; online 2019-10-31]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]
Identification of novel diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for abdominal aortic aneurysm.
Memon AA, Zarrouk M, Ågren-Witteschus S, ..., Gottsäter A, Sundquist K
Eur J Prev Cardiol 27 (2) 132-142 [2020-01-00; online 2019-08-29]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]

Year 2019

Year 2018

Associations of Circulating Protein Levels With Lipid Fractions in the General Population.
Figarska SM, Gustafsson S, Sundström J, ..., Lind L, Ingelsson E
Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 38 (10) 2505-2518 [2018-10-00; online 2018-10-26]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]
FADD (Fas-Associated Protein With Death Domain), Caspase-3, and Caspase-8 and Incidence of Ischemic Stroke.
Muhammad IF, Borné Y, Melander O, ..., Söderholm M, Engström G
Stroke 49 (9) 2224-2226 [2018-09-00; online 2018-10-26]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]
Proteomic Biomarkers for Incident Aortic Stenosis Requiring Valvular Replacement.
Ljungberg J, Janiec M, Bergdahl IA, ..., Fall T, Söderberg S
Circulation 138 (6) 590-599 [2018-08-07; online 2018-03-01]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]
Identification of novel diagnostic biomarkers for deep venous thrombosis.
Memon AA, Sundquist K, PirouziFard M, ..., Sundquist J, Zöller B
Br. J. Haematol. 181 (3) 378-385 [2018-05-00; online 2018-04-19]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]
Proteomic Profiling for Cardiovascular Biomarker Discovery in Orthostatic Hypotension.
Johansson M, Ricci F, Aung N, ..., Melander O, Fedorowski A
Hypertension 71 (3) 465-472 [2018-03-00; online 2018-01-02]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]

Year 2017

Targeted proteomic analysis of habitual coffee consumption.
Cornelis MC, Gustafsson S, Ärnlöv J, ..., Lind L, Ingelsson E
J. Intern. Med. - (-) - [2017-10-16; online 2017-10-16]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]
Eosinophil Cationic Protein, Carotid Plaque, and Incidence of Stroke.
Sundström J, Söderholm M, Borné Y, ..., Orho-Melander M, Engström G
Stroke 48 (10) 2686-2692 [2017-10-00; online 2017-09-13]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]
Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor 1 and 2 Are Associated With Risk of Intracerebral Hemorrhage.
Svensson EH, Söderholm M, Abul-Kasim K, Engström G
Stroke 48 (10) 2710-2715 [2017-10-00; online 2017-08-22]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]
Plasma stem cell factor levels are associated with risk of cardiovascular disease and death
Björkbacka H, Yao Mattisson I, Wigren M, ..., Engström G, Nilsson J
J Intern Med - (-) - [2017-09-21; online 2017-09-21]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]
Use of Proteomics To Investigate Kidney Function Decline over 5 Years.
Carlsson AC, Ingelsson E, Sundström J, ..., Lind L, Ärnlöv J
Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 12 (8) 1226-1235 [2017-08-07; online 2017-07-21]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]
Effect of food intake on 92 biomarkers for cardiovascular disease.
Dencker M, Gårdinger Y, Björgell O, Hlebowicz J
PLoS ONE 12 (6) e0178656 [2017-06-06; online 2017-06-06]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]
FADD, Caspase-3, and Caspase-8 and Incidence of Coronary Events.
Xue L, Borné Y, Mattisson IY, ..., Nilsson J, Engström G
Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 37 (5) 983-989 [2017-05-00; online 2017-03-16]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]
Discovery of new biomarkers for atrial fibrillation using a custom-made proteomics chip.
Lind L, Sundström J, Stenemo M, Hagström E, Ärnlöv J
Heart 103 (5) 377-382 [2017-03-00; online 2016-09-10]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]

Year 2016

DcR3, TFF3, and Midkine Are Novel Serum Biomarkers in Small Intestinal Neuroendocrine Tumors.
Edfeldt K, Daskalakis K, Bäcklin C, ..., Hellman P, Stålberg P
Neuroendocrinology 105 (2) 170-181 [2016-11-09; online 2016-11-09]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]
Decreased levels of stem cell factor in subjects with incident coronary events.
Wigren M, Rattik S, Hultman K, ..., Gonçalves I, Nilsson J
J. Intern. Med. 279 (2) 180-191 [2016-02-00; online 2015-10-14]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]
High levels of cathepsin D and cystatin B are associated with increased risk of coronary events.
Gonçalves I, Hultman K, Dunér P, ..., Nilsson J, Bengtsson E
Open Heart 3 (1) e000353 [2016-01-27; online 2016-01-27]
Clinical Biomarkers [Service]

Year 2015

Protein profiling reveals consequences of lifestyle choices on predicted biological aging.
Enroth S, Enroth SB, Johansson Å, Gyllensten U
Sci Rep 5 (-) 17282 [2015-12-01; online 2015-12-01]
Clinical Biomarkers
Discovery of New Risk Markers for Ischemic Stroke Using a Novel Targeted Proteomics Chip.
Lind L, Siegbahn A, Lindahl B, ..., Sundström J, Ärnlöv J
Stroke 46 (12) 3340-3347 [2015-12-00; online 2015-11-07]
Clinical Biomarkers
Use of a proximity extension assay proteomics chip to discover new biomarkers for human atherosclerosis.
Lind L, Ärnlöv J, Lindahl B, ..., Sundström J, Ingelsson E
Atherosclerosis 242 (1) 205-210 [2015-09-00; online 2015-07-24]
Clinical Biomarkers
Low elastin content of carotid plaques is associated with increased risk of ipsilateral stroke.
Asciutto G, Dias NV, Edsfeldt A, ..., Nilsson J, Gonçalves I
PLoS ONE 10 (3) e0121086 [2015-03-24; online 2015-03-24]
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