Alpha-actinin of the chlorarchiniophyte Bigelowiella natans.

Backman L

PeerJ 6 (-) e4288 [2018-01-17; online 2018-01-17]

The genome of the chlorarchiniophyte Bigelowiella natans codes for a protein annotated as an α-actinin-like protein. Analysis of the primary sequence indicate that this protein has the same domain structure as other α-actinins, a N-terminal actin-binding domain and a C-terminal calmodulin-like domain. These two domains are connected by a short rod domain, albeit long enough to form a single spectrin repeat. To analyse the functional properties of this protein, the full-length protein as well as the separate domains were cloned and isolated. Characerisation showed that the protein is capable of cross-linking actin filaments into dense bundles, probably due to dimer formation. Similar to human α-actinin, calcium-binding occurs to the most N-terminal EF-hand motif in the calmodulin-like C-terminal domain. The results indicate that this Bigelowiella protein is a proper α-actinin, with all common characteristics of a typical α-actinin.

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PubMed 29372122

DOI 10.7717/peerj.4288

Crossref 10.7717/peerj.4288

pii: 4288
pmc: PMC5775757

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