Complete genome sequence of the marine Rhodococcus sp. H-CA8f isolated from Comau fjord in Northern Patagonia, Chile.

Undabarrena A, Salvà-Serra F, Jaén-Luchoro D, Castro-Nallar E, Mendez KN, Valencia R, Ugalde JA, Moore ERB, Seeger M, Cámara B

Marine Genomics 40 (-) 13-17 [2018-07-00; online 2018-02-15]

Rhodococcus sp. H-CA8f was isolated from marine sediments obtained from the Comau fjord, located in Northern Chilean Patagonia. Whole-genome sequencing was achieved using PacBio RS II platform, comprising one closed, complete chromosome of 6,19 Mbp with a 62.45% G + C content. The chromosome harbours several metabolic pathways providing a wide catabolic potential, where the upper biphenyl route is described. Also, Rhodococcus sp. H-CA8f bears one linear mega-plasmid of 301 Kbp and 62.34% of G + C content, where genomic analyses demonstrated that it is constituted mostly by putative ORFs with unknown functions, representing a novel genetic feature. These genetic characteristics provide relevant insights regarding Chilean marine actinobacterial strains.

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NGI Uppsala (Uppsala Genome Center) [Service]

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PubMed 32420876

DOI 10.1016/j.margen.2018.01.004

Crossref 10.1016/j.margen.2018.01.004

pii: S1874-7787(17)30310-0

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