CRISPR Functional Genomics

SciLifeLab Infrastructure Unit Since 2017. Previously called "High-throughput Genome Engineering (HTGE)"

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Year 2022

MYC assembles and stimulates topoisomerases 1 and 2 in a "topoisome".
Das SK, Kuzin V, Cameron DP, ..., Levens D, Baranello L
Mol. Cell 82 (1) 140-158.e12 [2022-01-06; online 2021-12-09]
CRISPR Functional Genomics [Service]

Year 2021

Rapid genome editing by CRISPR-Cas9-POLD3 fusion
Reint G, Li Z, Labun K, ..., Taipale J, Haapaniemi E
eLife 10:e75415 (-) - [2021-12-13]
CRISPR Functional Genomics [Collaborative]

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