Publications 2015

Title Authors Journal Published Online
The Urinary Bladder Transcriptome and Proteome Defined by Transcriptomics and Antibody-Based Profiling. Habuka M, Fagerberg L, Hallström BM, ..., Yamamoto T, Uhlen M PLoS ONE 10 (12) e0145301 2015-12-22 2015-12-22
Sequence and gene expression evolution of paralogous genes in willows. Harikrishnan SL, Pucholt P, Berlin S Sci Rep 5 (-) 18662 2015-12-22 2015-12-22
Transcriptome analysis reveals mucin 4 to be highly associated with periodontitis and identifies pleckstrin as a link to systemic diseases. Lundmark A, Davanian H, Båge T, ..., Lundeberg J, Yucel-Lindberg T Sci Rep 5 (-) 18475 2015-12-21 2015-12-21
Genome-wide genetic homogeneity between sexes and populations for human height and body mass index. Yang J, Bakshi A, Zhu Z, ..., Ingelsson E, Visscher PM Hum. Mol. Genet. 24 (25) 7445-7449 2015-12-20 2015-10-22
Exploring water as building bricks in enzyme engineering. Hendil-Forssell P, Martinelle M, Syrén PO Chem. Commun. (Camb.) 51 (97) 17221-17224 2015-12-18 2015-10-02
A significant risk locus on 19q13 for bipolar disorder identified using a combined genome-wide linkage and copy number variation analysis. Lekman M, Karlsson R, Graae L, Hössjer O, Kockum I BioData Mining 8 (-) 42 2015-12-18 2015-12-18
Powerful Populations Respond to Viruses and Vaccines. Brodin P Immunity 43 (6) 1035-1037 2015-12-15 2015-12-20
Metagenome-assembled genomes uncover a global brackish microbiome. Hugerth LW, Larsson J, Alneberg J, ..., Pinhassi J, Andersson AF Genome Biol. 16 (-) 279 2015-12-14 2015-12-14
Metagenome-Based Metabolic Reconstruction Reveals the Ecophysiological Function of Epsilonproteobacteria in a Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Sulfidic Aquifer. Keller AH, Schleinitz KM, Starke R, ..., Vogt C, Kleinsteuber S Front Microbiol 6 (-) 1396 2015-12-10 2015-12-10
High levels of WNT-5A in human glioma correlate with increased presence of tumor-associated microglia/monocytes. Dijksterhuis JP, Arthofer E, Marinescu VD, ..., Mulder J, Schulte G Exp. Cell Res. 339 (2) 280-288 2015-12-10 2015-10-25
Pleiotrophin promotes vascular abnormalization in gliomas and correlates with poor survival in patients with astrocytomas. Zhang L, Kundu S, Feenstra T, ..., Dieterich LC, Dimberg A Sci Signal 8 (406) ra125 2015-12-08 2015-12-08
Sixteen new lung function signals identified through 1000 Genomes Project reference panel imputation. Soler Artigas M, Wain LV, Miller S, ..., Hall IP, Tobin MD Nat Commun 6 (-) 8658 2015-12-04 2015-12-04
Quantitative Trait Locus and Genetical Genomics Analysis Identifies Putatively Causal Genes for Fecundity and Brooding in the Chicken. Johnsson M, Jonsson KB, Andersson L, Jensen P, Wright D G3 (Bethesda) 6 (2) 311-319 2015-12-04 2015-12-04
Structural insights into the DNA-binding specificity of E2F family transcription factors. Morgunova E, Yin Y, Jolma A, ..., Nilsson L, Taipale J Nat Commun 6 (1) 10050 2015-12-03 2015-12-03
Population structure and genetic diversity in the nannandrous moss Homalothecium lutescens: does the dwarf male system facilitate gene flow? Rosengren F, Hansson B, Cronberg N BMC Evol. Biol. 15 (-) 270 2015-12-03 2015-12-03
Within-species divergence in the seminal fluid proteome and its effect on male and female reproduction in a beetle. Goenaga J, Yamane T, Rönn J, Arnqvist G BMC Evol. Biol. 15 (-) 266 2015-12-02 2015-12-02
A Combination of Culture Conditions and Gene Expression Analysis Can Be Used to Investigate and Predict hES Cell Differentiation Potential towards Male Gonadal Cells. Kjartansdóttir KR, Reda A, Panula S, ..., Hovatta O, Stukenborg JB PLoS ONE 10 (12) e0144029 2015-12-02 2015-12-02
Protein profiling reveals consequences of lifestyle choices on predicted biological aging. Enroth S, Enroth SB, Johansson Å, Gyllensten U Sci Rep 5 (1) 17282 2015-12-01 2015-12-01
Multi-level omics analysis in a murine model of dystrophin loss and therapeutic restoration. Roberts TC, Johansson HJ, McClorey G, ..., El Andaloussi S, Wood MJ Hum. Mol. Genet. 24 (23) 6756-6768 2015-12-01 2015-09-20
Metabolic Profiling of Chicken Embryos Exposed to Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) and Agonists to Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors. Mattsson A, Kärrman A, Pinto R, Brunström B PLoS ONE 10 (12) e0143780 2015-12-01 2015-12-01
Highly Sensitive FRET-FCS Detects Amyloid β-Peptide Oligomers in Solution at Physiological Concentrations. Wennmalm S, Chmyrov V, Widengren J, Tjernberg L Anal. Chem. 87 (23) 11700-11705 2015-12-01 2015-10-23
Gene-based meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies implicates new loci involved in obesity. Hägg S, Ganna A, Van Der Laan SW, ..., Pawitan Y, Ingelsson E Hum. Mol. Genet. 24 (23) 6849-6860 2015-12-01 2015-09-18
Dietary Fiber-Induced Improvement in Glucose Metabolism Is Associated with Increased Abundance of Prevotella. Kovatcheva-Datchary P, Nilsson A, Akrami R, ..., Björck I, Bäckhed F Cell Metab. 22 (6) 971-982 2015-12-01 2015-11-11
The body mass index (BMI) is significantly correlated with levels of cytokines and chemokines in cerebrospinal fluid. Larsson A, Carlsson L, Lind AL, ..., Kamali-Moghaddam M, Thulin M Cytokine 76 (2) 514-518 2015-12-00 2015-07-15
The Plant Genome Integrative Explorer Resource: Sundell D, Mannapperuma C, Netotea S, ..., Hvidsten TR, Street NR New Phytol. 208 (4) 1149-1156 2015-12-00 2015-07-21
The Constrained Maximal Expression Level Owing to Haploidy Shapes Gene Content on the Mammalian X Chromosome. Hurst LD, Ghanbarian AT, Forrest AR, FANTOM consortium , Huminiecki L PLoS Biol. 13 (12) e1002315 2015-12-00 2015-12-18
Susceptibility to infections, without concomitant hyper-IgE, reported in 1976, is caused by hypomorphic mutation in the phosphoglucomutase 3 (PGM3) gene. Lundin KE, Hamasy A, Backe PH, ..., Stenmark S, Smith CI Clin. Immunol. 161 (2) 366-372 2015-12-00 2015-10-19
Selenium metabolism to the trimethylselenonium ion (TMSe) varies markedly because of polymorphisms in the indolethylamine N-methyltransferase gene. Kuehnelt D, Engström K, Skröder H, ..., Broberg K, Vahter M Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 102 (6) 1406-1415 2015-12-00 2015-11-06
Phenotypic expansion of visceral myopathy associated with ACTG2 tandem base substitution. Klar J, Raykova D, Gustafson E, ..., Wanders A, Dahl N Eur. J. Hum. Genet. 23 (12) 1679-1683 2015-12-00 2015-03-18
Oral microbiota in patients with atherosclerosis. Fåk F, Tremaroli V, Bergström G, Bäckhed F Atherosclerosis 243 (2) 573-578 2015-12-00 2015-11-05
Nanocellulose from green algae modulates the in vitro inflammatory response of monocytes/macrophages Hua K, Strømme M, Mihranyan A, Ferraz N Cellulose 22 (6) 3673-3688 2015-12-00 2015-10-03
Multi-ancestry genome-wide association study of 21,000 cases and 95,000 controls identifies new risk loci for atopic dermatitis. Paternoster L, Standl M, Waage J, ..., Weidinger S, EArly Genetics and Lifecourse Epidemiology (EAGLE) Eczema Consortium Nat. Genet. 47 (12) 1449-1456 2015-12-00 2015-10-21
Identification of proteins from human permanent erupted enamel. Castiblanco GA, Rutishauser D, Ilag LL, ..., Castellanos JE, Mejía W Eur. J. Oral Sci. 123 (6) 390-395 2015-12-00 2015-10-04
Hormone Replacement Therapy Associated White Blood Cell DNA Methylation and Gene Expression are Associated With Within-Pair Differences of Body Adiposity and Bone Mass. Bahl A, Pöllänen E, Ismail K, ..., Kovanen V, Ollikainen M Twin Res Hum Genet 18 (6) 647-661 2015-12-00 2015-12-19
Genetic fine mapping and genomic annotation defines causal mechanisms at type 2 diabetes susceptibility loci. Gaulton KJ, Ferreira T, Lee Y, ..., Morris AP, DIAbetes Genetics Replication And Meta-analysis (DIAGRAM) Consortium Nat. Genet. 47 (12) 1415-1425 2015-12-00 2015-11-09
Genetic association analyses implicate aberrant regulation of innate and adaptive immunity genes in the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus. Bentham J, Morris DL, Cunninghame Graham DS, ..., Alarcón-Riquelme ME, Vyse TJ Nat. Genet. 47 (12) 1457-1464 2015-12-00 2015-10-27
Freshwater protists do not go with the flow: population structure in Gonyostomum semen independent of connectivity among lakes. Sassenhagen I, Sefbom J, Säll T, Godhe A, Rengefors K Environ. Microbiol. 17 (12) 5063-5072 2015-12-00 2015-07-18
Experiences with workflows for automating data-intensive bioinformatics Spjuth O, Bongcam-Rudloff E, Hernández GC, ..., Siretskiy A, Vassilev D Biol. Direct 10 (1) - 2015-12-00 2015-08-19
Emmprin Expression Predicts Response and Survival following Cisplatin Containing Chemotherapy for Bladder Cancer: A Validation Study. Hemdan T, Malmström PU, Jahnson S, Segersten U J. Urol. 194 (6) 1575-1581 2015-12-00 2015-06-30
Discovery of New Risk Markers for Ischemic Stroke Using a Novel Targeted Proteomics Chip. Lind L, Siegbahn A, Lindahl B, ..., Sundström J, Ärnlöv J Stroke 46 (12) 3340-3347 2015-12-00 2015-11-05
Characterization of human organ donors testing positive for type 1 diabetes-associated autoantibodies. Wiberg A, Granstam A, Ingvast S, ..., Korsgren O, Skog O Clin. Exp. Immunol. 182 (3) 278-288 2015-12-00 2015-08-28
Captured metagenomics: large-scale targeting of genes based on 'sequence capture' reveals functional diversity in soils. Manoharan L, Kushwaha SK, Hedlund K, Ahrén D DNA Res. 22 (6) 451-460 2015-12-00 2015-10-23
Bioenergetic cues shift FXR splicing towards FXRα2 to modulate hepatic lipolysis and fatty acid metabolism. Correia JC, Massart J, de Boer JF, ..., Groen AK, Ruas JL Mol Metab 4 (12) 891-902 2015-12-00 2015-09-26
Bacterial diversity along a 2600 km river continuum. Savio D, Sinclair L, Ijaz UZ, ..., Farnleitner AH, Eiler A Environ. Microbiol. 17 (12) 4994-5007 2015-12-00 2015-04-30
Associations between circulating proteins and corresponding genes expressed in coronary thrombi in patients with acute myocardial infarction. Helseth R, Weiss TW, Opstad TB, ..., Arnesen H, Seljeflot S Thromb. Res. 136 (6) 1240-1244 2015-12-00 2015-10-08
Amelioration of the Fitness Costs of Antibiotic Resistance Due To Reduced Outer Membrane Permeability by Upregulation of Alternative Porins. Knopp M, Andersson DI Mol. Biol. Evol. 32 (12) 3252-3263 2015-12-00 2015-09-12
De novo assembly of Dekkera bruxellensis: a multi technology approach using short and long-read sequencing and optical mapping. Olsen RA, Bunikis I, Tiukova I, ..., Käller M, Vezzi F Gigascience 4 (-) 56 2015-11-26 2015-11-26
Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies That the ABO Blood Group System Influences Interleukin-10 Levels and the Risk of Clinical Events in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome. Johansson Å, Alfredsson J, Eriksson N, Wallentin L, Siegbahn A PLoS ONE 10 (11) e0142518 2015-11-24 2015-11-24
Complete genome sequence of Staphylococcus aureus, strain ILRI_Eymole1/1, isolated from a Kenyan dromedary camel. Zubair S, Fischer A, Liljander A, ..., Bongcam-Rudloff E, Jores J Stand Genomic Sci 10 (-) 109 2015-11-20 2015-11-20
Combinations of Genetic Data Present in Bipolar Patients, but Absent in Control Persons. Mellerup E, Andreassen OA, Bennike B, ..., Werge T, Moeller GL PLoS ONE 10 (11) e0143432 2015-11-20 2015-11-20
RNA sequencing uncovers antisense RNAs and novel small RNAs in Streptococcus pyogenes. Le Rhun A, Beer YY, Reimegård J, Chylinski K, Charpentier E RNA Biol 13 (2) 177-195 2015-11-19 2015-11-19
DNA-dependent formation of transcription factor pairs alters their binding specificity. Jolma A, Yin Y, Nitta KR, ..., Morgunova E, Taipale J Nature 527 (7578) 384-388 2015-11-19 2015-11-10
A Conserved Odorant Receptor Detects the Same 1-Indanone Analogs in a Tortricid and a Noctuid Moth Gonzalez F, Bengtsson JM, Walker WB, ..., Ignell R, Bengtsson M Front. Ecol. Evol. 3 (-) - 2015-11-19 2015-11-19
Single cell analysis of cancer cells using an improved RT-MLPA method has potential for cancer diagnosis and monitoring. Kvastad L, Werne Solnestam B, Johansson E, ..., Latta D, Lundeberg J Sci Rep 5 (-) 16519 2015-11-12 2015-11-12
Working draft genome sequence of the mesophilic acetate oxidizing bacterium Syntrophaceticus schinkii strain Sp3. Manzoor S, Müller B, Niazi A, Schnürer A, Bongcam-Rudloff E Stand Genomic Sci 10 (-) 99 2015-11-11 2015-11-11
Normalization of Host Intestinal Mucus Layers Requires Long-Term Microbial Colonization. Johansson ME, Jakobsson HE, Holmén-Larsson J, ..., Bäckhed F, Hansson GC Cell Host Microbe 18 (5) 582-592 2015-11-11 2015-11-04
Immunocapture strategies in translational proteomics. Fredolini C, Byström S, Pin E, ..., Nilsson P, Schwenk JM Expert Rev Proteomics 13 (1) 83-98 2015-11-11 2015-11-11
Effect of genetic and environmental factors on protein biomarkers for common non-communicable disease and use of personally normalized plasma protein profiles (PNPPP). Enroth S, Bosdotter Enroth S, Johansson Å, Gyllensten U Biomarkers 20 (6-7) 355-364 2015-11-09 2015-11-09
Meta-analysis identifies seven susceptibility loci involved in the atopic march. Marenholz I, Esparza-Gordillo J, Rüschendorf F, ..., Henderson AJ, Lee YA Nat Commun 6 (-) 8804 2015-11-06 2015-11-06
Intra-mitochondrial Methylation Deficiency Due to Mutations in SLC25A26. Kishita Y, Pajak A, Bolar NA, ..., Okazaki Y, Wedell A Am. J. Hum. Genet. 97 (5) 761-768 2015-11-05 2015-11-03
In search for symmetries in the metabolism of cancer. Gatto F, Nielsen J Wiley Interdiscip Rev Syst Biol Med 8 (1) 23-35 2015-11-05 2015-11-05
Dominant Genetic Variation and Missing Heritability for Human Complex Traits: Insights from Twin versus Genome-wide Common SNP Models. Chen X, Kuja-Halkola R, Rahman I, ..., Pedersen NL, Magnusson PK Am. J. Hum. Genet. 97 (5) 708-714 2015-11-05 2015-11-07
Quantitative proteogenomics of human pathogens using DIA-MS. Malmström L, Bakochi A, Svensson G, ..., Karlsson C, Malmström J J Proteomics 129 (-) 98-107 2015-11-03 2015-09-19
Elevated expression of the C-type lectin CD93 in the glioblastoma vasculature regulates cytoskeletal rearrangements that enhance vessel function and reduce host survival. Langenkamp E, Zhang L, Lugano R, ..., Smits A, Dimberg A Cancer Res. 75 (21) 4504-4516 2015-11-01 2015-09-11
Variant Profiling of Candidate Genes in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma. Huang J, Löhr JM, Nilsson M, ..., Zheng Z, Ye W Clin. Chem. 61 (11) 1408-1416 2015-11-00 2015-09-16
The Role of FTO and Vitamin D for the Weight Loss Effect of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery in Obese Patients. Bandstein M, Schultes B, Ernst B, ..., Schiöth HB, Benedict C Obes Surg 25 (11) 2071-2077 2015-11-00 2015-03-01
The Human Endometrium-Specific Proteome Defined by Transcriptomics and Antibody-Based Profiling. Zieba A, Sjöstedt E, Olovsson M, ..., Uhlen M, Ponten F OMICS 19 (11) 659-668 2015-11-00 2015-10-21
Single-cell genomics of a rare environmental alphaproteobacterium provides unique insights into Rickettsiaceae evolution. Martijn J, Schulz F, Zaremba-Niedzwiedzka K, ..., Guy L, Ettema TJ ISME J 9 (11) 2373-2385 2015-11-00 2015-04-07
Resolving Evolutionary Relationships in Closely Related Species with Whole-Genome Sequencing Data. Nater A, Burri R, Kawakami T, Smeds L, Ellegren H Syst. Biol. 64 (6) 1000-1017 2015-11-00 2015-07-19
Rescue of primary ubiquinone deficiency due to a novel COQ7 defect using 2,4-dihydroxybensoic acid. Freyer C, Stranneheim H, Naess K, ..., Wredenberg A, Wedell A J. Med. Genet. 52 (11) 779-783 2015-11-00 2015-06-19
Population genetic differentiation of height and body mass index across Europe. Robinson MR, Hemani G, Medina-Gomez C, ..., Yang J, Visscher PM Nat. Genet. 47 (11) 1357-1362 2015-11-00 2015-09-14
Mutation in CEP63 co-segregating with developmental dyslexia in a Swedish family. Einarsdottir E, Svensson I, Darki F, ..., Kere J, Matsson H Hum. Genet. 134 (11-12) 1239-1248 2015-11-00 2015-09-25
Linked selection and recombination rate variation drive the evolution of the genomic landscape of differentiation across the speciation continuum of Ficedula flycatchers. Burri R, Nater A, Kawakami T, ..., Török J, Ellegren H Genome Res. 25 (11) 1656-1665 2015-11-00 2015-09-09
Inactivation of the Deg protease family in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 has impact on the outer cell layers. Cheregi O, Miranda H, Gröbner G, Funk C Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 152 (Pt B) 383-394 2015-11-00 2015-05-22
Impact of asymmetric male and female gamete dispersal on allelic diversity and spatial genetic structure in valley oak (Quercus lobata Née) Sork VL, Smouse PE, Grivet D, Scofield DG Evol Ecol 29 (6) 927-945 2015-11-00 2015-11-12
High-Throughput Sequencing Reveals Drastic Changes in Fungal Communities in the Phyllosphere of Norway Spruce (Picea abies) Following Invasion of the Spruce Bud Scale (Physokermes piceae). Menkis A, Marčiulynas A, Gedminas A, Lynikienė J, Povilaitienė A Microb. Ecol. 70 (4) 904-911 2015-11-00 2015-06-10
Herring and Beef Meals Lead to Differences in Plasma 2-Aminoadipic Acid, β-Alanine, 4-Hydroxyproline, Cetoleic Acid, and Docosahexaenoic Acid Concentrations in Overweight Men. Ross AB, Svelander C, Undeland I, Pinto R, Sandberg AS J. Nutr. 145 (11) 2456-2463 2015-11-00 2015-09-25
HaloPlex Targeted Resequencing for Mutation Detection in Clinical Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Tumor Samples. Moens LN, Falk-Sörqvist E, Ljungström V, ..., Nilsson M, Botling J J Mol Diagn 17 (6) 729-739 2015-11-00 2015-09-03
Genus-Wide Comparative Genomics of Malassezia Delineates Its Phylogeny, Physiology, and Niche Adaptation on Human Skin. Wu G, Zhao H, Li C, ..., Nagarajan N, Dawson TL PLoS Genet. 11 (11) e1005614 2015-11-00 2015-11-05
Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 and Incidence of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Nested Case-Control Study. Söderholm M, Engström G Stroke 46 (11) 3260-3262 2015-11-00 2015-09-22
Exploring the genetics of irritable bowel syndrome: a GWA study in the general population and replication in multinational case-control cohorts. Ek WE, Reznichenko A, Ripke S, ..., Wouters MM, D'Amato M Gut 64 (11) 1774-1782 2015-11-00 2014-09-23
Early Exposure to Dogs and Farm Animals and the Risk of Childhood Asthma. Fall T, Lundholm C, Örtqvist AK, ..., Ingelsson E, Almqvist C JAMA Pediatr 169 (11) e153219 2015-11-00 2015-11-02
Assessing the consistency of public human tissue RNA-seq data sets. Danielsson F, James T, Gomez-Cabrero D, Huss M Brief. Bioinformatics 16 (6) 941-949 2015-11-00 2015-04-02
Assessing the Barley Genome Zipper and Genomic Resources for Breeding Purposes. Silvar C, Martis MM, Nussbaumer T, ..., Ordon F, Perovic D Plant Genome 8 (3) eplantgenome2015.06.0045 2015-11-00 2015-11-01
Metagenomic sequencing of marine periphyton: taxonomic and functional insights into biofilm communities. Sanli K, Bengtsson-Palme J, Nilsson RH, ..., Blanck H, Eriksson KM Front Microbiol 6 (-) 1192 2015-10-30 2015-10-30
Quinolone resistance mutations in the faecal microbiota of Swedish travellers to India. Johnning A, Kristiansson E, Angelin M, ..., Johansson A, Larsson DG BMC Microbiol. 15 (-) 235 2015-10-24 2015-10-24
Nurr1 and Retinoid X Receptor Ligands Stimulate Ret Signaling in Dopamine Neurons and Can Alleviate α-Synuclein Disrupted Gene Expression. Volakakis N, Tiklova K, Decressac M, ..., Björklund A, Perlmann T J. Neurosci. 35 (42) 14370-14385 2015-10-21 2015-10-23
Genetic Polymorphisms in Vitamin D Metabolism and Signaling Genes and Risk of Breast Cancer: A Nested Case-Control Study. Clendenen TV, Ge W, Koenig KL, ..., Sund M, Zeleniuch-Jacquotte A PLoS ONE 10 (10) e0140478 2015-10-21 2015-10-21
Structure-activity relationships for lipoprotein lipase agonists that lower plasma triglycerides in vivo. Caraballo R, Larsson M, Nilsson SK, ..., Enquist P, Elofsson M Eur J Med Chem 103 (-) 191-209 2015-10-20 2015-09-12
Membrane vesicle-mediated release of bacterial RNA. Sjöström AE, Sandblad L, Uhlin BE, Wai SN Sci Rep 5 (-) 15329 2015-10-20 2015-10-20
Noncanoncial signal recognition particle RNAs in a major eukaryotic phylum revealed by purification of SRP from the human pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans. Dumesic PA, Rosenblad MA, Samuelsson T, ..., Yates JR, Madhani HD Nucleic Acids Res. 43 (18) 9017-9027 2015-10-15 2015-08-16
Mutation in NRAS in familial Noonan syndrome--case report and review of the literature. Ekvall S, Wilbe M, Dahlgren J, ..., Annerén G, Bondeson ML BMC Med. Genet. 16 (-) 95 2015-10-14 2015-10-14
The folate-coupled enzyme MTHFD2 is a nuclear protein and promotes cell proliferation. Gustafsson Sheppard N, Jarl L, Mahadessian D, ..., Jain M, Nilsson R Sci Rep 5 (-) 15029 2015-10-13 2015-10-13
Genome-wide transcriptional and physiological responses to drought stress in leaves and roots of two willow genotypes. Pucholt P, Sjödin P, Weih M, Rönnberg-Wästljung AC, Berlin S BMC Plant Biol. 15 (-) 244 2015-10-12 2015-10-12
Brachyspira suanatina sp. nov., an enteropathogenic intestinal spirochaete isolated from pigs and mallards: genomic and phenotypic characteristics. Mushtaq M, Zubair S, Råsbäck T, Bongcam-Rudloff E, Jansson DS BMC Microbiol. 15 (-) 208 2015-10-12 2015-10-12
Many obesity-associated SNPs strongly associate with DNA methylation changes at proximal promoters and enhancers. Voisin S, Almén MS, Zheleznyakova GY, ..., Rask-Andersen M, Schiöth HB Genome Med 7 (-) 103 2015-10-08 2015-10-08
Growth of Chitinophaga pinensis on Plant Cell Wall Glycans and Characterisation of a Glycoside Hydrolase Family 27 β-l-Arabinopyranosidase Implicated in Arabinogalactan Utilisation. McKee LS, Brumer H PLoS ONE 10 (10) e0139932 2015-10-08 2015-10-08
Evaluation of whole-genome sequencing of four Chinese crested dogs for variant detection using the ion proton system. Viluma A, Sayyab S, Mikko S, Andersson G, Bergström TF Canine Genet Epidemiol 2 (-) 16 2015-10-08 2015-10-08
Comparative Sigma Factor-mRNA Levels in Mycobacterium marinum under Stress Conditions and during Host Infection. Pettersson BM, Das S, Behra PR, ..., Ennis DG, Kirsebom LA PLoS ONE 10 (10) e0139823 2015-10-07 2015-10-07
Crosstalk between Gut Microbiota and Dietary Lipids Aggravates WAT Inflammation through TLR Signaling. Caesar R, Tremaroli V, Kovatcheva-Datchary P, Cani PD, Bäckhed F Cell Metab. 22 (4) 658-668 2015-10-06 2015-09-01
Standing genetic variation as a major contributor to adaptation in the Virginia chicken lines selection experiment. Sheng Z, Pettersson ME, Honaker CF, Siegel PB, Carlborg Ö Genome Biol. 16 (-) 219 2015-10-01 2015-10-01
Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity Characterizes the Genetic Landscape of Pheochromocytoma and Defines Early Events in Tumorigenesis. Crona J, Backman S, Maharjan R, ..., Hellman P, Björklund P Clin. Cancer Res. 21 (19) 4451-4460 2015-10-01 2015-05-21
Homozygous loss-of-function variants in European cosmopolitan and isolate populations. Kaiser VB, Svinti V, Prendergast JG, ..., Semple CA, Wilson JF Hum. Mol. Genet. 24 (19) 5464-5474 2015-10-01 2015-07-14
Candidate gene analysis and exome sequencing confirm LBX1 as a susceptibility gene for idiopathic scoliosis. Grauers A, Wang J, Einarsdottir E, ..., Kere J, Gerdhem P Spine J 15 (10) 2239-2246 2015-10-01 2015-05-20
Trimeric microsomal glutathione transferase 2 displays one third of the sites reactivity. Ahmad S, Thulasingam M, Palombo I, ..., Haeggström JZ, Rinaldo-Matthis A Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1854 (10 Pt A) 1365-1371 2015-10-00 2015-06-13
Transcriptome Profiling Reveals Degree of Variability in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Lines: Impact for Human Disease Modeling. Schuster J, Halvardson J, Pilar Lorenzo L, ..., Feuk L, Dahl N Cell Reprogram 17 (5) 327-337 2015-10-00 2015-09-08
The use of gene arrays and corresponding connectivity mapping (Cmap) to identify novel anti-ageing ingredients. Gillbro JM, Merinville E, Olsson M, ..., Visdal-Johnsen L, Mavon A Int J Cosmet Sci 37 Suppl 1 (-) 9-14 2015-10-00 2015-06-27
The effects of age and gender on plasma levels of 63 cytokines. Larsson A, Carlsson L, Gordh T, ..., Thulin M, Kamali-Moghaddam M J. Immunol. Methods 425 (-) 58-61 2015-10-00 2015-06-14
The Influence of Age and Sex on Genetic Associations with Adult Body Size and Shape: A Large-Scale Genome-Wide Interaction Study. Winkler TW, Justice AE, Graff M, ..., Kutalik Z, Loos RJ PLoS Genet. 11 (10) e1005378 2015-10-00 2015-10-01
The Human Gut Microbiome as a Transporter of Antibiotic Resistance Genes between Continents. Bengtsson-Palme J, Angelin M, Huss M, ..., Larsson DGJ, Johansson A Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 59 (10) 6551-6560 2015-10-00 2015-08-12
The Human Glioblastoma Cell Culture Resource: Validated Cell Models Representing All Molecular Subtypes. Xie Y, Bergström T, Jiang Y, ..., Forsberg-Nilsson K, Uhrbom L EBioMedicine 2 (10) 1351-1363 2015-10-00 2015-08-15
Signatures of post-zygotic structural genetic aberrations in the cells of histologically normal breast tissue that can predispose to sporadic breast cancer. Forsberg LA, Rasi C, Pekar G, ..., Tot T, Dumanski JP Genome Res. 25 (10) 1521-1535 2015-10-00 2015-10-03
Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Reveals Partial Translational Regulation for Dosage Compensation in Chicken. Uebbing S, Konzer A, Xu L, ..., Bergquist J, Ellegren H Mol. Biol. Evol. 32 (10) 2716-2725 2015-10-00 2015-06-26
Profound parental bias associated with chromosome 14 acquired uniparental disomy indicates targeting of an imprinted locus. Chase A, Leung W, Tapper W, ..., Dumanski JP, Cross NC Leukemia 29 (10) 2069-2074 2015-10-00 2015-06-27
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