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SciLifeLab Infrastructure Unit Since 2013. Previously called "Translational Plasma Profiling".

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Year 2024

The functional role of CST1 and CCL26 in asthma development.
Hoyer A, Chakraborty S, Lilienthal I, ..., Katayama S, Söderhäll C
Immun Inflamm Dis 12 (1) e1162 [2024-01-00; online 2024-01-25]
Affinity Proteomics Stockholm [Service]

Year 2023

Protein profiling in plasma for biomarkers of seizure.
Akel S, Banote RK, Asztely F, Zelano J
Epilepsy Res 197 (-) 107241 [2023-11-00; online 2023-10-11]
Affinity Proteomics Stockholm [Service]
Targeted plasma proteomics reveals signatures discriminating COVID-19 from sepsis with pneumonia.
Palma Medina LM, Babačić H, Dzidic M, ..., Strålin K, Norrby-Teglund A
Respir. Res. 24 (1) 62 [2023-02-24; online 2023-02-24]
Affinity Proteomics Stockholm [Service]

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Year 2016

Elevated levels of FN1 and CCL2 in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from sarcoidosis patients.
Hamsten C, Wiklundh E, Grönlund H, ..., Grunewald J, Häggmark-Månberg A
Respir. Res. 17 (1) 69 [2016-06-04; online 2016-06-04]
Affinity Proteomics Stockholm [Collaborative]
Analysis of the Cerebrospinal Fluid Proteome in Alzheimer's Disease.
Khoonsari PE, Häggmark A, Lönnberg M, ..., Kultima K, Shevchenko G
PLoS ONE 11 (3) e0150672 [2016-03-07; online 2016-03-07]
Affinity Proteomics Stockholm [Collaborative]

Year 2015

Heat differentiated complement factor profiling.
Hamsten C, Skattum L, Truedsson L, ..., Nilsson P, Neiman M
J Proteomics 126 (-) 155-162 [2015-08-03; online 2015-06-07]
Affinity Proteomics Stockholm [Technology development]

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