Affinity Proteomics Uppsala

SciLifeLab Infrastructure Unit Since 2021. A merger of the previous Units "PLA and Single Cell Proteomics" (2013–2020) and "Clinical Biomarkers" (2013–2019).

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Started: 2021

Ended: Current

Year 2022

Year 2021

Systemic Inflammation in Preclinical Ulcerative Colitis.
Bergemalm D, Andersson E, Hultdin J, ..., Karling P, Halfvarson J
Gastroenterology 161 (5) 1526-1539.e9 [2021-11-00; online 2021-07-21]
Affinity Proteomics Uppsala [Service]
Urinary cytokines correlate with acute kidney injury in critically ill COVID-19 patients.
Gradin A, Andersson H, Luther T, ..., Frithiof R, Hultström M
Cytokine 146 (-) 155589 [2021-10-00; online 2021-05-24]
Affinity Proteomics Uppsala [Collaborative]

Year 2020

Screening of Multiple Biomarkers Associated With Ischemic Stroke in Atrial Fibrillation.
Hijazi Z, Wallentin L, Lindbäck J, ..., Oldgren J, Siegbahn A
J Am Heart Assoc 9 (24) e018984 [2020-12-15; online 2020-12-09]
Affinity Proteomics Uppsala [Service]

Year 2019

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