Drug Discovery and Development (DDD)

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123 publications

Year 2020

Mebendazole is unique among tubulin-active drugs in activating the MEK-ERK pathway.
Andersson CR, Selvin T, Blom K, ..., Nygren P, Larsson R
pii: 10.1038/s41598-020-68986-0 pmc: PMC7403428
Sci Rep 10 (1) 13124 [2020-08-04; online 2020-08-04]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Service]
A Patient-Derived Cell Atlas Informs Precision Targeting of Glioblastoma.
Johansson P, Krona C, Kundu S, ..., Marino S, Nelander S
pii: S2211-1247(20)30878-0
Cell Rep 32 (2) 107897 [2020-07-14; online 2020-07-16]
Bioinformatics Compute and Storage [Service] Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Service]
High content drug screening for Fanconi anemia therapeutics.
Montanuy H, Camps-Fajol C, Carreras-Puigvert J, ..., Minguillón J, Surrallés J
pii: 10.1186/s13023-020-01437-1 pmc: PMC7325660
Orphanet J Rare Dis 15 (1) 170 [2020-06-30; online 2020-06-30]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD)
Comprehensive chemical proteomics for target deconvolution of the redox active drug auranofin.
Saei AA, Gullberg H, Sabatier P, ..., Arnér ESJ, Zubarev RA
pii: S2213-2317(20)30243-3 pmc: PMC7082630
Redox Biol 32 (-) 101491 [2020-05-00; online 2020-03-03]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD)

Year 2019

Mebendazole-induced M1 polarisation of THP-1 macrophages may involve DYRK1B inhibition.
Blom K, Rubin J, Berglund M, ..., Nygren P, Larsson R
pii: 10.1186/s13104-019-4273-5 pmc: PMC6477744
BMC Res Notes 12 (1) 234 [2019-04-22; online 2019-04-22]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Service]

Year 2018

Autophagic flux blockage by accumulation of weakly basic tenovins leads to elimination of B-Raf mutant tumour cells that survive vemurafenib
Ladds MJGW, Pastor-Fernández A, Popova G, ..., Bhatia R, Laín S
OSF: https://osf.io/sreqf/?view_only=bd0c5cd611be481984ef164d5d15df3d
PLoS ONE 13 (4) e0195956 [2018-04-23; online 2018-04-23]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Service]
Advancing the immunoaffinity platform AFFIRM to targeted measurements of proteins in serum in the pg/ml range.
Säll A, Corbee D, Vikström S, ..., Persson H, Waldemarson S
pii: PONE-D-17-23519 pmc: PMC5810979 PeptideAtlas: PASS00852
PLoS ONE 13 (2) e0189116 [2018-02-13; online 2018-02-13]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Technology development]
Synthesis of novel 1,2,4-thiadiazinane 1,1-dioxides via three component SuFEx type reaction
Khumalo MF, Akpan ED, Chinthakindi PK, ..., Naicker T, Arvidsson PI
RSC Adv. 8 (65) 37503-37507 [2018-00-00; online 2018-00-00]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Technology development]

Year 2017

Targeting tumor cells based on Phosphodiesterase 3A expression.
Nazir M, Senkowski W, Nyberg F, ..., Larsson R, Fryknäs M
pii: S0014-4827(17)30580-3
Exp. Cell Res. 361 (2) 308-315 [2017-12-15; online 2017-10-26]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Service]
Towards repositioning of quinacrine for treatment of acute myeloid leukemia - Promising synergies and in vivo effects.
Eriksson A, Chantzi E, Fryknäs M, ..., Höglund M, Larsson R
pii: S0145-2126(17)30565-9
Leuk Res 63 (-) 41-46 [2017-12-00; online 2017-10-28]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Service]
Glioblastoma Cell Malignancy and Drug Sensitivity Are Affected by the Cell of Origin.
Jiang Y, Marinescu VD, Xie Y, ..., Nelander S, Uhrbom L
pii: S2211-1247(17)30564-8
Cell Rep 19 (5) 1080-1081 [2017-05-02; online 2017-05-04]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Service]
Corrigendum: MTH1 inhibition eradicates cancer by preventing sanitation of the dNTP pool.
Gad H, Koolmeister T, Jemth AS, ..., Scobie M, Ulrika Warpman Berglund &Thomas Helleday
pii: nature22083
Nature 544 (7651) 508 [2017-04-26; online 2017-04-28]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Service]
Sulfonimidamides in Medicinal and Agricultural Chemistry
Chinthakindi PK, Naicker T, Thota N, ..., Kruger HG, Arvidsson PI
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 56 (15) 4100-4109 [2017-04-03; online 2017-02-23]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Technology development]
Crystal Structure of the Emerging Cancer Target MTHFD2 in Complex with a Substrate-Based Inhibitor.
Gustafsson R, Jemth A, Gustafsson NMS, ..., Helleday T, Stenmark P
pii: 0008-5472.CAN-16-1476
Cancer Res. 77 (4) 937-948 [2017-02-15; online 2016-12-03]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Collaborative]

Year 2016

Iron chelators target both proliferating and quiescent cancer cells.
Fryknäs M, Zhang X, Bremberg U, ..., Linder S, Larsson R
pii: srep38343 pmc: PMC5141479
Sci Rep 6 (-) 38343 [2016-12-07; online 2016-12-07]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Service]
Case-specific potentiation of glioblastoma drugs by pterostilbene.
Schmidt L, Baskaran S, Johansson P, ..., Krona C, Nelander S
pii: 12298 pmc: PMC5341973
Oncotarget 7 (45) 73200-73215 [2016-11-08; online 2016-10-01]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Collaborative]
Biophysics in drug discovery: impact, challenges and opportunities.
Renaud JP, Chung CW, Danielson UH, ..., Hubbard RE, Nar H
pii: nrd.2016.123
Nat Rev Drug Discov 15 (10) 679-698 [2016-10-00; online 2016-08-16]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Technology development]
Repeated LPS Injection Induces Distinct Changes in the Kynurenine Pathway in Mice.
Larsson MK, Faka A, Bhat M, ..., Schwieler L, Erhardt S
pii: 10.1007/s11064-016-1939-4
Neurochem. Res. 41 (9) 2243-2255 [2016-09-00; online 2016-05-12]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Collaborative]
Enantioselective Organocatalyzed Transformations of β-Ketoesters.
Govender T, Arvidsson PI, Maguire GE, Kruger HG, Naicker T
Chem. Rev. 116 (16) 9375-9437 [2016-08-24; online 2016-07-28]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Collaborative]
Neuroprotective potential of Linezolid: a quantitative and distribution study via mass spectrometry.
Baijnath S, Shobo A, Bester LA, ..., Naicker T, Govender T
pii: 10.1007/s10735-016-9685-0
J. Mol. Histol. 47 (4) 429-435 [2016-08-00; online 2016-06-22]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Collaborative]
A Facile Synthesis of NODASA-Functionalized Peptide
Naicker T, Albericio F, Dutta J, ..., Kruger H, Govender T
Synlett 27 (11) 1685-1688 [2016-03-30; online 2016-03-30]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Collaborative]
On-Water Synthesis of Biaryl Sulfonyl Fluorides.
Chinthakindi PK, Kruger HG, Govender T, Naicker T, Arvidsson PI
J. Org. Chem. 81 (6) 2618-2623 [2016-03-18; online 2016-02-24]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Collaborative]
Stereoselective synthesis towards unnatural proline based amino acids
Makhathini SS, Das SK, Singh T, ..., Govender T, Naicker T
ARKIVOC 2016 (3) 134 [2016-02-07; online 2016-02-07]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Collaborative]
Ex Vivo Assessment of Drug Activity in Patient Tumor Cells as a Basis for Tailored Cancer Therapy.
Blom K, Nygren P, Alvarsson J, Larsson R, Andersson CR
pii: 2211068215598117
J Lab Autom 21 (1) 178-187 [2016-02-00; online 2015-08-05]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Service]

Year 2015

Synthesis of enantiopure angiotensin II type 2 receptor [AT2R] antagonist EMA401
Wakchaure PB, Bremberg U, Wannberg J, Larhed M
Tetrahedron 71 (38) 6881-6887 [2015-09-00; online 2015-09-00]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD)
NOTA: a potent metallo-β-lactamase inhibitor
Somboro AM, Tiwari D, Bester LA, ..., Naicker T, Essack SY
J. Antimicrob. Chemother. 70 (5) 1594-1596 [2015-05-00; online 2015-01-06]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Collaborative]
The effect of N-methylation of amino acids (Ac-X-OMe) on solubility and conformation: a DFT study
Md. Abdur Rauf S, Arvidsson PI, Albericio F, ..., Kruger HG, Honarparvar B
Org. Biomol. Chem. 13 (39) 9993-10006 [2015-00-00; online 2015-00-00]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Collaborative]

Year 2014

Year 2013

Retinoic acid receptor alpha is associated with tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer.
Johansson HJ, Sanchez BC, Mundt F, ..., Linderholm BK, Lehtiö J
pii: ncomms3175 pmc: PMC3759040
Nat Commun 4 (-) 2175 [2013-07-23; online 2013-07-23]
Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) [Collaborative]