A versatile genome-scale PCR-based pipeline for high-definition DNA FISH.

Bienko M, Crosetto N, Teytelman L, Klemm S, Itzkovitz S, van Oudenaarden A

Nat. Methods 10 (2) 122-124 [2013-02-00; online 2012-12-23]

We developed a cost-effective genome-scale PCR-based method for high-definition DNA FISH (HD-FISH). We visualized gene loci with diffraction-limited resolution, chromosomes as spot clusters and single genes together with transcripts by combining HD-FISH with single-molecule RNA FISH. We provide a database of over 4.3 million primer pairs targeting the human and mouse genomes that is readily usable for rapid and flexible generation of probes.

Advanced FISH Technologies [Technology development]

PubMed 23263692

DOI 10.1038/nmeth.2306

Crossref 10.1038/nmeth.2306

pmc: PMC3735345
mid: NIHMS500266

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