Differential Gene Regulation in Fibroblasts in Co-culture with Keratinocytes and Head and Neck SCC Cells.

Hakelius M, Saiepour D, Göransson H, Rubin K, Gerdin B, Nowinski D

Anticancer Res. 35 (6) 3253-3265 [2015-06-00; online 2015-05-31]

While carcinoma-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) support tumorigenesis, normal tissue fibroblasts suppress tumor progression. Mechanisms behind conversion of fibroblasts into a CAF phenotype are largely unrevealed. Transwell co-cultures with fibroblasts in collagen gels and squamous-cell carcinoma (SCC) cells or normal oral keratinocytes (NOKs) in inserts. Differences in fibroblast global gene expression were analyzed using Affymetrix arrays and subsequent functional annotation and cluster analysis, as well as gene set enrichment analysis were performed. There were 52 up-regulated and 30 down-regulated transcript IDs (>2-fold, p<0.05) in fibroblasts co-cultured with SCC compared to NOKs. Functional analysis demonstrated an enrichment of collagen-related genes. There were similarities with gene sets reflecting a non-specific, innate-type response with activation of both interferon pathways and connective tissue turnover. There were distinct differences in fibroblast gene expression between the co-culture types. Many were in genes related to an innate-type of response and to connective tissue turnover.

Array and Analysis Facility

PubMed 26026085

pii: 35/6/3253

Publications 9.5.0