Microfluidic Device for Patient-Centric Multiplexed Assays with Readout in Centralized Laboratories.

Hauser J, Dale M, Beck O, Schwenk JM, Stemme G, Fredolini C, Roxhed N

Anal. Chem. - (-) - [2022-12-22; online 2022-12-22]

Patient-centric sampling strategies, where the patient performs self-sampling and ships the sample to a centralized laboratory for readout, are on the verge of widespread adaptation. However, the key to a successful patient-centric workflow is user-friendliness, with few noncritical user interactions, and simple, ideally biohazard-free shipment. Here, we present a capillary-driven microfluidic device designed to perform the critical biomarker capturing step of a multiplexed immunoassay at the time of sample collection. On-chip sample drying enables biohazard-free shipment and allows us to make use of advanced analytics of specialized laboratories that offer the needed analytical sensitivity, reliability, and affordability. Using C-Reactive Protein, MCP1, S100B, IGFBP1, and IL6 as model blood biomarkers, we demonstrate the multiplexing capability and applicability of the device to a patient-centric workflow. The presented quantification of a biomarker panel opens up new possibilities for e-doctor and e-health applications.

Affinity Proteomics Stockholm [Technology development]

PubMed 36548393

DOI 10.1021/acs.analchem.2c04318

Crossref 10.1021/acs.analchem.2c04318

Publications 9.5.0