Multifocal Neuroblastoma and Central Hypoventilation in An Infant with Germline ALK F1174I Mutation.

Djos A, Treis D, Fransson S, Gordon Murkes L, Wessman S, Ásmundsson J, Markström A, Kogner P, Martinsson T

Diagnostics 12 (9) - [2022-09-19; online 2022-09-19]

A preterm infant with central hypoventilation was diagnosed with multifocal neuroblastoma. Congenital anomalies of the autonomic nervous system in association with neuroblastoma are commonly associated with germline mutations in PHOX2B. Further, the ALK gene is frequently mutated in both familial and sporadic neuroblastoma. Sanger sequencing of ALK and PHOX2B, SNP microarray of three tumor samples and whole genome sequencing of tumor and blood were performed. Genetic testing revealed a germline ALK F1174I mutation that was present in all tumor samples as well as in normal tissue samples from the patient. Neither of the patient's parents presented the ALK variant. Array profiling of the three tumor samples showed that two of them had only numerical aberrations, whereas one sample displayed segmental alterations, including a gain at chromosome 2p, resulting in two copies of the ALK-mutated allele. Whole genome sequencing confirmed the presence of the ALK variant and did not detect any aberrations in the coding or promotor region of PHOX2B. This study is to our knowledge the first to report a de novoALK F1174I germline mutation. This may not only predispose to congenital multifocal neuroblastoma but may also contribute to the respiratory dysfunction seen in this patient.

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PubMed 36140661

DOI 10.3390/diagnostics12092260

Crossref 10.3390/diagnostics12092260

pmc: PMC9498070
pii: diagnostics12092260

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