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Paternal personality and social status influence offspring activity in zebrafish.
Zajitschek S, Herbert-Read JE, Abbasi NM, Zajitschek F, Immler S
BMC Evol. Biol. 17 (1) 157 [2017-07-03; online 2017-07-03]
Genome Engineering Zebrafish [Service]

Year 2016

Zebrafish (Danio rerio) behaviour is largely unaffected by elevated pCO2.
Vossen LE, Jutfelt F, Cocco A, Thörnqvist P, Winberg S
Conserv Physiol 4 (1) cow065 [2016-12-29; online 2016-12-29]
Genome Engineering Zebrafish [Service]
Characterization and Expression of the Zebrafish qki Paralogs.
Radomska KJ, Sager J, Farnsworth B, ..., Jazin E, Emilsson LS
PLoS ONE 11 (1) e0146155 [2016-01-04; online 2016-01-04]
Genome Engineering Zebrafish [Service]

Year 2015

Zebrafish: A possible tool to evaluate bioactive ions.
Montazerolghaem M, Nyström L, Engqvist H, Karlsson Ott M
Acta Biomater 19 (-) 10-14 [2015-06-00; online 2015-03-17]
Genome Engineering Zebrafish
Defects of CRB2 cause steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome.
Ebarasi L, Ashraf S, Bierzynska A, ..., Hildebrandt F, Majumdar A
Am. J. Hum. Genet. 96 (1) 153-161 [2015-01-08; online 2015-01-06]
Genome Engineering Zebrafish

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