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Ended: 2016

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Year 2016

Targeting Serglycin Prevents Metastasis in Murine Mammary Carcinoma.
Roy A, Femel J, Huijbers EJ, ..., Olsson AK, Åbrink M
pii: PONE-D-16-04737 pmc: PMC4880347 GEO: GSE67806
PLoS ONE 11 (5) e0156151 [2016-05-25; online 2016-05-25]
Array and Analysis Facility [Service]
Genetic heterogeneity in rhabdomyosarcoma revealed by SNP array analysis.
Walther C, Mayrhofer M, Nilsson J, ..., Gisselsson D, Mertens F
Genes Chromosomes Cancer 55 (1) 3-15 [2016-01-00; online 2015-10-20]
Array and Analysis Facility [Collaborative]

Year 2015

The Human Glioblastoma Cell Culture Resource: Validated Cell Models Representing All Molecular Subtypes.
Xie Y, Bergström T, Jiang Y, ..., Forsberg-Nilsson K, Uhrbom L
pii: S2352-3964(15)30114-6 pmc: PMC4634360
EBioMedicine 2 (10) 1351-1363 [2015-10-00; online 2015-08-15]
Array and Analysis Facility
The use of gene arrays and corresponding connectivity mapping (Cmap) to identify novel anti-ageing ingredients.
Gillbro JM, Merinville E, Olsson M, ..., Visdal-Johnsen L, Mavon A
Int J Cosmet Sci 37 Suppl 1 (-) 9-14 [2015-10-00; online 2015-06-27]
Array and Analysis Facility
Differential Gene Regulation in Fibroblasts in Co-culture with Keratinocytes and Head and Neck SCC Cells.
Hakelius M, Saiepour D, Göransson H, ..., Gerdin B, Nowinski D
pii: 35/6/3253
Anticancer Res. 35 (6) 3253-3265 [2015-06-00; online 2015-05-31]
Array and Analysis Facility

Year 2014

1p36 deletion is a marker for tumour dissemination in microsatellite stable stage II-III colon cancer.
Mayrhofer M, Kultima HG, Birgisson H, ..., Glimelius B, Isaksson A
pii: 1471-2407-14-872 pmc: PMC4251789
BMC Cancer 14 (-) 872 [2014-11-24; online 2014-11-24]
Array and Analysis Facility

Year 2013

Gambogic acid is cytotoxic to cancer cells through inhibition of the ubiquitin-proteasome system.
Felth J, Lesiak-Mieczkowska K, D'Arcy P, ..., Fryknäs M, Rickardson L
Invest New Drugs 31 (3) 587-598 [2013-06-00; online 2012-11-28]
Array and Analysis Facility

Year 2012

Role of sepsis in the development of limb muscle weakness in a porcine intensive care unit model.
Aare S, Radell P, Eriksson LI, ..., Hoffman EP, Larsson L
pii: physiolgenomics.00031.2012
Physiol. Genomics 44 (18) 865-877 [2012-09-18; online 2012-08-02]
Array and Analysis Facility
Loss-of-heterozygosity on chromosome 19q in early-stage serous ovarian cancer is associated with recurrent disease.
Skirnisdottir I, Mayrhofer M, Rydåker M, Akerud H, Isaksson A
pii: 1471-2407-12-407 pmc: PMC3495882
BMC Cancer 12 (-) 407 [2012-09-12; online 2012-09-12]
Array and Analysis Facility
Tumor-mast cell interactions: induction of pro-tumorigenic genes and anti-tumorigenic 4-1BB in MCs in response to Lewis Lung Carcinoma.
Wensman H, Kamgari N, Johansson A, ..., Rönnberg E, Pejler G
pii: S0161-5890(12)00010-7
Mol. Immunol. 50 (4) 210-219 [2012-04-00; online 2012-02-22]
Array and Analysis Facility
The transcriptome of the adenovirus infected cell.
Zhao H, Dahlö M, Isaksson A, Syvänen AC, Pettersson U
pii: S0042-6822(11)00564-2
Virology 424 (2) 115-128 [2012-03-15; online 2012-01-13]
Array and Analysis Facility NGI Uppsala (SNP&SEQ Technology Platform) National Genomics Infrastructure

Year 2011

Mechanisms underlying the sparing of masticatory versus limb muscle function in an experimental critical illness model.
Aare S, Ochala J, Norman HS, ..., Hoffman EP, Larsson L
pii: physiolgenomics.00116.2011
Physiol. Genomics 43 (24) 1334-1350 [2011-12-16; online 2011-10-20]
Array and Analysis Facility
Muscle wasting and the temporal gene expression pattern in a novel rat intensive care unit model.
Llano-Diez M, Gustafson AM, Olsson C, Goransson H, Larsson L
pii: 1471-2164-12-602 pmc: PMC3266306
BMC Genomics 12 (-) 602 [2011-12-13; online 2011-12-13]
Array and Analysis Facility
Inhibition of proteasome deubiquitinating activity as a new cancer therapy.
D'Arcy P, Brnjic S, Olofsson MH, ..., Larsson R, Linder S
pii: nm.2536 GEO: GSE24150
Nat. Med. 17 (12) 1636-1640 [2011-11-06; online 2011-11-06]
Array and Analysis Facility
Gene copy number aberrations are associated with survival in histologic subgroups of non-small cell lung cancer.
Micke P, Edlund K, Holmberg L, ..., Isaksson A, Botling J
pii: S1556-0864(15)32245-0
J Thorac Oncol 6 (11) 1833-1840 [2011-11-00; online 2011-10-21]
Array and Analysis Facility
Allele-specific copy number analysis of tumor samples with aneuploidy and tumor heterogeneity.
Rasmussen M, Sundström M, Göransson Kultima H, ..., Glimelius B, Isaksson A
pii: gb-2011-12-10-r108 pmc: PMC3333778
Genome Biol. 12 (10) R108 [2011-10-24; online 2011-10-24]
Array and Analysis Facility
Prostasomal DNA characterization and transfer into human sperm.
Ronquist GK, Larsson A, Ronquist G, ..., Carlsson L, Stavreus-Evers A
Mol. Reprod. Dev. 78 (7) 467-476 [2011-07-00; online 2011-06-04]
Array and Analysis Facility

Year 2010

Ontogenetic complexity of sexual dimorphism and sex-specific selection.
Mank JE, Nam K, Brunström B, Ellegren H
pii: msq042
Mol. Biol. Evol. 27 (7) 1570-1578 [2010-07-00; online 2010-02-10]
Array and Analysis Facility
Alpha terpineol: a potential anticancer agent which acts through suppressing NF-kappaB signalling.
Hassan SB, Gali-Muhtasib H, Göransson H, Larsson R
pii: 30/6/1911
Anticancer Res. 30 (6) 1911-1919 [2010-06-00; online 2010-07-24]
Array and Analysis Facility
Improving Bayesian credibility intervals for classifier error rates using maximum entropy empirical priors.
Gustafsson MG, Wallman M, Wickenberg Bolin U, ..., Andersson CR, Isaksson A
pii: S0933-3657(10)00025-4
Artif Intell Med 49 (2) 93-104 [2010-06-00; online 2010-03-30]
Array and Analysis Facility
Appearance of Cxcl10-expressing cell clusters is common for traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative disorders.
Israelsson C, Bengtsson H, Lobell A, ..., Hillered L, Ebendal T
pii: EJN7105
Eur. J. Neurosci. 31 (5) 852-863 [2010-03-00; online 2010-04-09]
Array and Analysis Facility