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Started: 2013

Ended: 2016

28 publications

Year 2016

Year 2015

CTCF/cohesin-binding sites are frequently mutated in cancer.
Katainen R, Dave K, Pitkänen E, ..., Taipale J, Aaltonen LA
pii: ng.3335
Nat. Genet. 47 (7) 818-821 [2015-07-00; online 2015-06-09]
Karolinska High Throughput Center (KHTC)

Year 2014

Identification of 33 candidate oncogenes by screening for base-specific mutations.
Tuupanen S, Hänninen UA, Kondelin J, ..., Pitkänen E, Aaltonen LA
pii: bjc2014429 pmc: PMC4200084
Br. J. Cancer 111 (8) 1657-1662 [2014-10-14; online 2014-08-15]
Karolinska High Throughput Center (KHTC)
Transcriptome analysis reveals signature of adaptation to landscape fragmentation.
Somervuo P, Kvist J, Ikonen S, ..., Ahola V, Hanski I
pii: PONE-D-14-13404 pmc: PMC4079591 GEO: GSE47692
PLoS ONE 9 (7) e101467 [2014-07-02; online 2014-07-02]
Karolinska High Throughput Center (KHTC)

Year 2013

Eleven candidate susceptibility genes for common familial colorectal cancer.
Gylfe AE, Katainen R, Kondelin J, ..., Karhu A, Aaltonen LA
pii: PGENETICS-D-13-01401 pmc: PMC3798264
PLoS Genet. 9 (10) e1003876 [2013-10-17; online 2013-10-17]
Karolinska High Throughput Center (KHTC)
Identification of candidate oncogenes in human colorectal cancers with microsatellite instability.
Gylfe AE, Kondelin J, Turunen M, ..., Vahteristo P, Aaltonen LA
pii: S0016-5085(13)00747-6
Gastroenterology 145 (3) 540-3.e22 [2013-09-00; online 2013-05-21]
Karolinska High Throughput Center (KHTC)
DNA-binding specificities of human transcription factors.
Jolma A, Yan J, Whitington T, ..., Kivioja T, Taipale J
pii: S0092-8674(12)01496-1
Cell 152 (1-2) 327-339 [2013-01-17; online 2013-01-22]
Karolinska High Throughput Center (KHTC)

Year 2012

Mice lacking a Myc enhancer that includes human SNP rs6983267 are resistant to intestinal tumors.
Sur IK, Hallikas O, Vähärautio A, ..., Aaltonen LA, Taipale J
pii: science.1228606
Science 338 (6112) 1360-1363 [2012-12-07; online 2012-11-03]
Karolinska High Throughput Center (KHTC)

Year 2011

Counting absolute numbers of molecules using unique molecular identifiers.
Kivioja T, Vähärautio A, Karlsson K, ..., Linnarsson S, Taipale J
pii: nmeth.1778
Nat. Methods 9 (1) 72-74 [2011-11-20; online 2011-11-20]
Karolinska High Throughput Center (KHTC)
MED12, the mediator complex subunit 12 gene, is mutated at high frequency in uterine leiomyomas.
Mäkinen N, Mehine M, Tolvanen J, ..., Vahteristo P, Aaltonen LA
pii: science.1208930 GEO: GSE30673
Science 334 (6053) 252-255 [2011-10-14; online 2011-08-27]
Karolinska High Throughput Center (KHTC)

Year 2010

Genome-wide analysis of ETS-family DNA-binding in vitro and in vivo.
Wei GH, Badis G, Berger MF, ..., Bulyk ML, Taipale J
pii: emboj2010106 pmc: PMC2905244
EMBO J. 29 (13) 2147-2160 [2010-07-07; online 2010-06-03]
Karolinska High Throughput Center (KHTC)