Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)

Regional Facility of National Interest 2013–2016.

Started: 2013

Ended: 2016

87 publications

Year 2016

Study on genetic stability in human urothelial cells in vitro.
Chamorro CI, Zeiai S, Reinfeldt Engberg G, ..., Nordenskjöld A, Fossum M
J Tissue Eng Regen Med - (-) - [2016-11-12; online 2016-11-12]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA) [Service]
Aerobic exercise augments muscle transcriptome profile of resistance exercise.
Lundberg TR, Fernandez-Gonzalo R, Tesch PA, Rullman E, Gustafsson T
pii: ajpregu.00035.2016 pmc: PMC4935502
Am. J. Physiol. Regul. Integr. Comp. Physiol. 310 (11) R1279-R1287 [2016-06-01; online 2016-04-13]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA) [Service]
Single-cell transcriptome analysis of endometrial tissue.
Krjutškov K, Katayama S, Saare M, ..., Salumets A, Kere J
pii: dew008 pmc: PMC4791917
Hum. Reprod. 31 (4) 844-853 [2016-04-00; online 2016-02-13]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA) [Service]
The transcriptional coregulator MAML1 affects DNA methylation and gene expression patterns in human embryonic kidney cells.
Putnik M, Brodin D, Wojdacz TK, ..., Dahlman-Wright K, Wallberg AE
pii: 10.1007/s11033-016-3946-6
Mol. Biol. Rep. 43 (3) 141-150 [2016-03-00; online 2016-02-08]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA) [Service]
Numerous Genes in Loci Associated With Body Fat Distribution Are Linked to Adipose Function.
Dahlman I, Rydén M, Brodin D, ..., Strawbridge RJ, Arner P
pii: 65/2/433
Diabetes 65 (2) 433-437 [2016-02-00; online 2016-01-23]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA) [Service]

Year 2015

Multi-level omics analysis in a murine model of dystrophin loss and therapeutic restoration.
Roberts TC, Johansson HJ, McClorey G, ..., El Andaloussi S, Wood MJ
pii: ddv381 pmc: PMC4634378
Hum. Mol. Genet. 24 (23) 6756-6768 [2015-12-01; online 2015-09-20]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)

Year 2014

Cesarean delivery and hematopoietic stem cell epigenetics in the newborn infant: implications for future health?
Almgren M, Schlinzig T, Gomez-Cabrero D, ..., Norman M, Ekström TJ
pii: S0002-9378(14)00465-7
Am. J. Obstet. Gynecol. 211 (5) 502.e1-502.e8 [2014-11-00; online 2014-07-06]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)
Characterization of stem-like cells in mucoepidermoid tracheal paediatric tumor.
Lim ML, Ooi BN, Jungebluth P, ..., Ahrlund-Richter L, Macchiarini P
pii: PONE-D-14-08076 pmc: PMC4167860
PLoS ONE 9 (9) e107712 [2014-09-17; online 2014-09-17]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)
The human carotid body releases acetylcholine, ATP and cytokines during hypoxia.
Kåhlin J, Mkrtchian S, Ebberyd A, ..., Fagerlund MJ, Eriksson LI
pii: expphysiol.2014.078873
Exp. Physiol. 99 (8) 1089-1098 [2014-08-00; online 2014-06-03]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)
Genome-wide profiling of AP-1-regulated transcription provides insights into the invasiveness of triple-negative breast cancer.
Zhao C, Qiao Y, Jonsson P, ..., Williams C, Dahlman-Wright K
pii: 0008-5472.CAN-13-3396
Cancer Res. 74 (14) 3983-3994 [2014-07-15; online 2014-05-17]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)
MiR-146a negatively regulates TLR2-induced inflammatory responses in keratinocytes.
Meisgen F, Xu Landén N, Wang A, ..., Breton L, Pivarcsi A
pii: S0022-202X(15)36864-0
J. Invest. Dermatol. 134 (7) 1931-1940 [2014-07-00; online 2014-03-29]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)
High-throughput transcription profiling identifies putative epigenetic regulators of hematopoiesis.
Prasad P, Rönnerblad M, Arner E, ..., Ekwall K, FANTOM consortium
pii: blood-2013-02-483537
Blood 123 (17) e46-e57 [2014-04-24; online 2014-03-29]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)

Year 2013

Early-phase GVHD gene expression profile in target versus non-target tissues: kidney, a possible target?
Sadeghi B, Al-Chaqmaqchi H, Al-Hashmi S, ..., Moshfegh A, Hassan M
pii: bmt2012120
Bone Marrow Transplant. 48 (2) 284-293 [2013-02-00; online 2012-07-25]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)

Year 2012

Genome-wide and locus specific alterations in CDC73/HRPT2-mutated parathyroid tumors.
Sulaiman L, Haglund F, Hashemi J, ..., Larsson C, Juhlin CC
pii: PONE-D-12-17703 pmc: PMC3460869
PLoS ONE 7 (9) e46325 [2012-09-28; online 2012-09-28]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)
Differential evolutionary wiring of the tyrosine kinase Btk.
Nawaz HM, Kylsten P, Hamada N, ..., Smith CI, Lindvall JM
pii: PONE-D-12-01915 pmc: PMC3344829
PLoS ONE 7 (5) e35640 [2012-05-04; online 2012-05-04]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)

Year 2011

Histone modifications influence mediator interactions with chromatin.
Zhu X, Zhang Y, Bjornsdottir G, ..., Gustafsson CM, Myers LC
pii: gkr551 pmc: PMC3201872
Nucleic Acids Res. 39 (19) 8342-8354 [2011-10-00; online 2011-07-12]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)
Specific syndecan-1 domains regulate mesenchymal tumor cell adhesion, motility and migration.
Zong F, Fthenou E, Mundt F, ..., Hjerpe A, Dobra K
pii: 10-PONE-RA-19265R1-CORRECTION pmc: PMC3121713
PLoS ONE 6 (6) e14816 [2011-06-23; online 2011-06-23]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)
Mechanisms of blast induced brain injuries, experimental studies in rats.
Risling M, Plantman S, Angeria M, ..., Arborelius U, Davidsson J
pii: S1053-8119(10)00763-9
Neuroimage 54 Suppl 1 (-) S89-S97 [2011-01-00; online 2010-05-25]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)

Year 2010

A chromatin-remodeling protein is a component of fission yeast mediator.
Khorosjutina O, Wanrooij PH, Walfridsson J, ..., Ekwall K, Gustafsson CM
pii: M110.153858 pmc: PMC2943280
J. Biol. Chem. 285 (39) 29729-29737 [2010-09-24; online 2010-07-14]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)
Topoisomerase I regulates open chromatin and controls gene expression in vivo.
Durand-Dubief M, Persson J, Norman U, Hartsuiker E, Ekwall K
pii: emboj2010109 pmc: PMC2905247
EMBO J. 29 (13) 2126-2134 [2010-07-07; online 2010-06-08]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)
Gene expression analysis in hypoplastic lungs in the nitrofen model of congenital diaphragmatic hernia.
Burgos CM, Uggla AR, Fagerström-Billai F, ..., Frenckner B, Nord M
pii: S0022-3468(09)00764-7
J. Pediatr. Surg. 45 (7) 1445-1454 [2010-07-00; online 2010-07-20]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)
Genetic evidence of multiple loci in dystocia--difficult labour.
Algovik M, Kivinen K, Peterson H, Westgren M, Kere J
pii: 1471-2350-11-105 pmc: PMC2914646
BMC Med. Genet. 11 (-) 105 [2010-06-30; online 2010-06-30]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)
Adipose tissue pathways involved in weight loss of cancer cachexia.
Dahlman I, Mejhert N, Linder K, ..., Rydén M, Arner P
pii: 6605665 pmc: PMC2869165
Br. J. Cancer 102 (10) 1541-1548 [2010-05-11; online 2010-04-22]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)
Gene-specific and global methylation patterns predict outcome in patients with acute myeloid leukemia.
Deneberg S, Grövdal M, Karimi M, ..., Hellström-Lindberg E, Lehmann S
pii: leu201041
Leukemia 24 (5) 932-941 [2010-05-00; online 2010-03-20]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)
Mapping of the fibroblast growth factors in human white adipose tissue.
Mejhert N, Galitzky J, Pettersson AT, ..., Arner P, Rydén M
pii: jc.2009-2049
J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 95 (5) 2451-2457 [2010-05-00; online 2010-03-17]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)
ELMOD2, a candidate gene for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, regulates antiviral responses.
Pulkkinen V, Bruce S, Rintahaka J, ..., Matikainen S, Kere J
pii: fj.09-138545
FASEB J. 24 (4) 1167-1177 [2010-04-00; online 2009-12-08]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)
Sustained inflammation due to nuclear factor-kappa B activation in irradiated human arteries.
Halle M, Gabrielsen A, Paulsson-Berne G, ..., Farnebo F, Tornvall P
pii: S0735-1097(10)00142-7
J. Am. Coll. Cardiol. 55 (12) 1227-1236 [2010-03-23; online 2010-03-20]
Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)