Wheeler E

Family name Wheeler
Given name Eleanor
Initials E

ORCID 0000-0002-8616-6444

Affiliations Department of Human Genetics, Wellcome Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK.
MRC Epidemiology Unit, Institute of Metabolic Science, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.

2 publications

The trans-ancestral genomic architecture of glycemic traits.
Chen J, Spracklen CN, Marenne G, ..., Barroso I, Meta-Analysis of Glucose and Insulin-related Traits Consortium (MAGIC)
Nat. Genet. 53 (6) 840-860 [2021-06-00; online 2021-05-31]
NGI Uppsala (SNP&SEQ Technology Platform) [Service] National Genomics Infrastructure [Service]

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