TcellSubC: An Atlas of the Subcellular Proteome of Human T Cells.

Joshi RN, Stadler C, Lehmann R, Lehtiö J, Tegnér J, Schmidt A, Vesterlund M

Front Immunol 10 (-) 2708 [2019-11-26; online 2019-11-26]

We have curated an in-depth subcellular proteomic map of primary human CD4+ T cells, divided into cytosolic, nuclear and membrane fractions generated by an optimized fractionation and HiRIEF-LC-MS/MS workflow for limited amounts of primary cells. The subcellular proteome of T cells was mapped under steady state conditions, as well as upon 15 min and 1 h of T cell receptor (TCR) stimulation, respectively. We quantified the subcellular distribution of 6,572 proteins and identified a subset of 237 potentially translocating proteins, including both well-known examples and novel ones. Microscopic validation confirmed the localization of selected proteins with previously known and unknown localization, respectively. We further provide the data in an easy-to-use web platform to facilitate re-use, as the data can be relevant for basic research as well as for clinical exploitation of T cells as therapeutic targets.

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PubMed 31849937

DOI 10.3389/fimmu.2019.02708

Crossref 10.3389/fimmu.2019.02708

pmc: PMC6902019

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