Shotgun metagenomes from productive lakes in an urban region of Sweden.

Rodríguez-Gijón A, Hampel JJ, Dharamshi J, Bertilsson S, Garcia SL

Sci Data 10 (1) 810 [2023-11-17; online 2023-11-17]

Urban lakes provide multiple benefits to society while influencing life quality. Moreover, lakes and their microbiomes are sentinels of anthropogenic impact and can be used for natural resource management and planning. Here, we release original metagenomic data from several well-characterized and anthropogenically impacted eutrophic lakes in the vicinity of Stockholm (Sweden). Our goal was to collect representative microbial community samples and use shotgun sequencing to provide a broad view on microbial diversity of productive urban lakes. Our dataset has an emphasis on Lake Mälaren as a major drinking water reservoir under anthropogenic impact. This dataset includes short-read sequence data and metagenome assemblies from each of 17 samples collected from eutrophic lakes near the greater Stockholm area. We used genome-resolved metagenomics and obtained 2378 metagenome assembled genomes that de-replicated into 514 species representative genomes. This dataset adds new datapoints to previously sequenced lakes and it includes the first sequenced set of metagenomes from Lake Mälaren. Our dataset serves as a baseline for future monitoring of drinking water reservoirs and urban lakes.

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PubMed 37978200

DOI 10.1038/s41597-023-02722-x

Crossref 10.1038/s41597-023-02722-x

pmc: PMC10656542
pii: 10.1038/s41597-023-02722-x

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