Mapping the subcellular protein distribution in three human cell lines.

Fagerberg L, Stadler C, Skogs M, Hjelmare M, Jonasson K, Wiking M, Abergh A, Uhlén M, Lundberg E

J. Proteome Res. 10 (8) 3766-3777 [2011-08-05; online 2011-06-17]

The subcellular locations of proteins are closely related to their function and constitute an essential aspect for understanding the complex machinery of living cells. A systematic effort has been initiated to map the protein distribution in three functionally different cell lines with the aim to provide a subcellular localization index for at least one representative protein from all human protein-encoding genes. Here, we present the results of more than 3500 proteins mapped to 16 subcellular compartments. The results indicate a ubiquitous protein expression with a majority of the proteins found in all three cell lines and a large portion localized to two or more compartments. The inter-relationships between the subcellular compartments are visualized in a protein-compartment network based on all detected proteins. Hierarchical clustering was performed to determine how closely related the organelles are in terms of protein constituents and compare the proteins detected in each cell type. Our results show distinct organelle proteomes, well conserved across the cell types, and demonstrate that biochemically similar organelles are grouped together.

Spatial Proteomics

PubMed 21675716

DOI 10.1021/pr200379a

Crossref 10.1021/pr200379a

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