Rostania revised: testing generic delimitations in Collemataceae (Peltigerales, Lecanoromycetes).

Košuthová A, Westberg M, Tálora MAG, Wedin M

MycoKeys 47 (47) 17-33 [2019-02-20; online 2019-02-20]

Here, we test the current generic delimitation of Rostania (Collemataceae, Peltigerales, Ascomycota) utilizing molecular phylogeny and morphological investigations. Using DNA sequence data from the mitochondrial SSU rDNA and two nuclear protein-coding genes (MCM7 and β-tubulin) and utilizing parsimony, maximum likelihood and Bayesian phylogenetic methods, Rostania is shown to be non-monophyletic in the current sense. A new generic delimitation of Rostania is thus proposed, in which the genus is monophyletic, and three species (Rostaniacoccophylla, R.paramensis, R.quadrifida) are excluded and transferred to other genera. Rostaniaoccultata is further non-monophyletic, and a more detailed investigation of species delimitations in Rostania s. str. is needed. The new combinations Leptogiumparamense and Scytiniumquadrifidum are proposed.

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PubMed 30820165

DOI 10.3897/mycokeys.47.32227

Crossref 10.3897/mycokeys.47.32227

pmc: PMC6393396

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