Tumor Predisposing Post-Zygotic Chromosomal Alterations in Bladder Cancer-Insights from Histologically Normal Urothelium.

Stańkowska W, Sarkisyan D, Bruhn-Olszewska B, Duzowska K, Bieńkowski M, Jąkalski M, Wójcik-Zalewska M, Davies H, Drężek-Chyła K, Pęksa R, Harazin-Lechowska A, Ambicka A, Przewoźnik M, Adamczyk A, Sasim K, Makarewicz W, Matuszewski M, Biernat W, Järhult JD, Lipcsey M, Hultström M, Frithiof R, Jaszczyński J, Ryś J, Genovese G, Piotrowski A, Filipowicz N, Dumanski JP

Cancers (Basel) 16 (5) - [2024-02-27; online 2024-02-27]

Bladder urothelial carcinoma (BLCA) is the 10th most common cancer with a low survival rate and strong male bias. We studied the field cancerization in BLCA using multi-sample- and multi-tissue-per-patient protocol for sensitive detection of autosomal post-zygotic chromosomal alterations and loss of chromosome Y (LOY). We analysed 277 samples of histologically normal urothelium, 145 tumors and 63 blood samples from 52 males and 15 females, using the in-house adapted Mosaic Chromosomal Alterations (MoChA) pipeline. This approach allows identification of the early aberrations in urothelium from BLCA patients. Overall, 45% of patients exhibited at least one alteration in at least one normal urothelium sample. Recurrence analysis resulted in 16 hotspots composed of either gains and copy number neutral loss of heterozygosity (CN-LOH) or deletions and CN-LOH, encompassing well-known and new BLCA cancer driver genes. Conservative assessment of LOY showed 29%, 27% and 18% of LOY-cells in tumors, blood and normal urothelium, respectively. We provide a proof of principle that our approach can characterize the earliest alterations preconditioning normal urothelium to BLCA development. Frequent LOY in blood and urothelium-derived tissues suggest its involvement in BLCA.

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PubMed 38473323

DOI 10.3390/cancers16050961

Crossref 10.3390/cancers16050961

pmc: PMC10930680
pii: cancers16050961

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