Viromics Reveal a Number of Novel RNA Viruses in Swedish Mosquitoes.

Öhlund P, Hayer J, Lundén H, Hesson JC, Blomström AL

Viruses 11 (11) - [2019-11-05; online 2019-11-05]

Metagenomic studies of mosquitoes have revealed that their virome is far more diverse and includes many more viruses than just the pathogenic arboviruses vectored by mosquitoes. In this study, the virome of 953 female mosquitoes collected in the summer of 2017, representing six mosquito species from two geographic locations in Mid-Eastern Sweden, were characterized. In addition, the near-complete genome of nine RNA viruses were characterized and phylogenetically analysed. These viruses showed association to the viral orders Bunyavirales, Picornavirales, Articulavirales, and Tymovirales, and to the realm Ribovira. Hence, through this study, we expand the knowledge of the virome composition of different mosquito species in Sweden. In addition, by providing viral reference genomes from wider geographic regions and different mosquito species, future in silico recognition and assembly of viral genomes in metagenomic datasets will be facilitated.

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PubMed 31694175

DOI 10.3390/v11111027

Crossref 10.3390/v11111027

pii: v11111027

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