Systems Biology in ELIXIR: modelling in the spotlight.

Martins Dos Santos V, Anton M, Szomolay B, Ostaszewski M, Arts I, Benfeitas R, Dominguez Del Angel V, Ferk P, Fey D, Goble C, Golebiewski M, Gruden K, Heil KF, Hermjakob H, Kahlem P, Klapa MI, Koehorst J, Kolodkin A, Kutmon M, Leskošek B, Moretti S, Müller W, Pagni M, Rezen T, Rocha M, Rozman D, Šafránek D, Sheriff RSM, Suarez Diez M, Van Steen K, Westerhoff HV, Wittig U, Wolstencroft K, Zupanic A, Evelo CT, Hancock JM

F1000Res 11 (-) 1265 [2022-11-07; online 2022-11-07]

In this white paper, we describe the founding of a new ELIXIR Community - the Systems Biology Community - and its proposed future contributions to both ELIXIR and the broader community of systems biologists in Europe and worldwide. The Community believes that the infrastructure aspects of systems biology - databases, (modelling) tools and standards development, as well as training and access to cloud infrastructure - are not only appropriate components of the ELIXIR infrastructure, but will prove key components of ELIXIR's future support of advanced biological applications and personalised medicine. By way of a series of meetings, the Community identified seven key areas for its future activities, reflecting both future needs and previous and current activities within ELIXIR Platforms and Communities. These are: overcoming barriers to the wider uptake of systems biology; linking new and existing data to systems biology models; interoperability of systems biology resources; further development and embedding of systems medicine; provisioning of modelling as a service; building and coordinating capacity building and training resources; and supporting industrial embedding of systems biology. A set of objectives for the Community has been identified under four main headline areas: Standardisation and Interoperability, Technology, Capacity Building and Training, and Industrial Embedding. These are grouped into short-term (3-year), mid-term (6-year) and long-term (10-year) objectives.

Bioinformatics Support and Infrastructure [Collaborative]

Bioinformatics Support, Infrastructure and Training [Collaborative]

PubMed 36742342

DOI 10.12688/f1000research.126734.1

Crossref 10.12688/f1000research.126734.1

pmc: PMC9871403
pii: ELIXIR-1265

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