Crystal structure of the flavoenzyme PA4991 from Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Jacewicz A, Schnell R, Lindqvist Y, Schneider G

Acta Crystallogr F Struct Biol Commun 72 (Pt 2) 105-111 [2016-02-00; online 2016-01-22]

The locus PA4991 in Pseudomonas aeruginosa encodes an open reading frame that has been identified as essential for the virulence and/or survival of this pathogenic organism in the infected host. Here, it is shown that this gene encodes a monomeric FAD-binding protein of molecular mass 42.2 kDa. The structure of PA4991 was determined by a combination of molecular replacement using a search model generated with Rosetta and phase improvement by a low-occupancy heavy-metal derivative. PA4991 belongs to the GR2 family of FAD-dependent oxidoreductases, comprising an FAD-binding domain typical of the glutathione reductase family and a second domain dominated by an eight-stranded mixed β-sheet. Most of the protein-FAD interactions are via the FAD-binding domain, but the isoalloxazine ring is located at the domain interface and interacts with residues from both domains. A comparison with the structurally related glycine oxidase and glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase shows that in spite of very low amino-acid sequence identity (<18%) several active-site residues involved in substrate binding in these enzymes are conserved in PA4991. However, enzymatic assays show that PA4991 does not display amino-acid oxidase or glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase activities, suggesting that it requires different substrates for activity.

Protein Science Facility (PSF) [Service]

PubMed 26841760

DOI 10.1107/S2053230X15024437

Crossref 10.1107/S2053230X15024437

pii: S2053230X15024437
pmc: PMC4741190

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