Comparison of whole genome amplification techniques for human single cell exome sequencing.

Borgström E, Paterlini M, Mold JE, Frisen J, Lundeberg J

PLoS ONE 12 (2) e0171566 [2017-02-16; online 2017-02-16]

Whole genome amplification (WGA) is currently a prerequisite for single cell whole genome or exome sequencing. Depending on the method used the rate of artifact formation, allelic dropout and sequence coverage over the genome may differ significantly. The largest difference between the evaluated protocols was observed when analyzing the target coverage and read depth distribution. These differences also had impact on the downstream variant calling. Conclusively, the products from the AMPLI1 and MALBAC kits were shown to be most similar to the bulk samples and are therefore recommended for WGA of single cells. In this study four commercial kits for WGA (AMPLI1, MALBAC, Repli-G and PicoPlex) were used to amplify human single cells. The WGA products were exome sequenced together with non-amplified bulk samples from the same source. The resulting data was evaluated in terms of genomic coverage, allelic dropout and SNP calling.

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PubMed 28207771

DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0171566

Crossref 10.1371/journal.pone.0171566

pii: PONE-D-16-34697
pmc: PMC5313163

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