Cancer Core Europe: Leveraging Institutional Synergies to Advance Oncology Research and Care Globally.

Carmona J, Chavarria E, Donoghue K, von Gertten C, Oberrauch P, Pailler E, Scoazec G, Weijer R, Balmaña J, Brana I, Brunelli C, Delaloge S, Deloger M, Delpy P, Ernberg I, Fitzgerald RC, Garralda E, Lablans M, Lëhtio J, Lopez C, Fernández M, Miceli R, Nuciforo P, Perez-Lopez R, Provenzano E, Schmidt MK, Serrano C, Steeghs N, Tamborero D, Wirta V, Baird RD, Barker K, Barlesi F, Baumann M, Bergh J, de Braud F, Fizazi K, Fröhling S, Piris-Giménez A, Seamon K, Van der Heijden MS, Zwart W, Tabernero J

Cancer Discov 14 (7) 1147-1153 [2024-07-01; online 2024-06-13]

Cancer Core Europe brings together the expertise, resources, and interests of seven leading cancer institutes committed to leveraging collective innovation and collaboration in precision oncology. Through targeted efforts addressing key medical challenges in cancer and partnerships with multiple stakeholders, the consortium seeks to advance cancer research and enhance equitable patient care.

Clinical Genomics Stockholm [Collaborative]

PubMed 38870393

DOI 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-24-0377

Crossref 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-24-0377

pii: 745892

Publications 9.5.0