How to


A publication should be represented by one and only one entry. Multiple copies may be created in certain scenarios. If you notice any such cases, please report it to the site admin so that it can be fixed.

Add publication references

The recommended way to add publication references is by DOI or PMID (PubMed identifier) using the fetch feature. The system will

  1. Check whether the publication reference already exists.
  2. If it does not exist, fetch it from Crossref (DOI) or PubMed (PMID).
  3. Assign the curator's labels to it.

A publication reference can also be added "by hand" using the add feature. This is for publications which have neither a DOI nor a PMID. Please refrain from adding preprints or publications which will eventually get a DOI or PMID. This will just create a head-ache with multiple copies.

Deleting vs blacklisting a publication

A publication can be deleted by a curator. There are two ways of doing this:

  • The delete operation simply removes the publication reference and all its data.
  • The blacklist operation, which deletes the publication. In addition, a note is made of the DOI and/or PMID of it in a blacklist. This will prevent it from being fetched again accidentally.

The blacklist feature is intended to stop automatic fetch procedures from adding publications that have already been determined to be irrelevant. The blacklisting can be overriden by ticking the checkbox in the fetch page.

Labels and facilities

Labels are used to denote the facility(-ies) that a publication is associated with. Labels may also be used for other purposes, such as denoting if a publication reference is incomplete.

Note that the current labels have been loaded from old sources, and may contain out-of-date designations of facilities. If you see any labels that should be renamed or merged with other labels, please contact the site admin.

Your account

To get a curator account contact the site admin and ask nicely. There is no way to register your own account. Only facility coordinators etc should be curators in this system.

When the site admin has created your account, you will have to set a password for it. Follow the instructions.

Account and labels

A curator account is associated with one or a few labels which represent the facility(-ies) which the curator is responsible for. A curator can add and remove the his/her own labels to any publication.

A curator cannot change labels for other facilities. If the curator thinks another label has been wrongly given to a publication, that curator will have to discuss it with the responsible other curator, or with the site admin.