A subset of publications may be obtained by executing a selection expression in the Subset page.

The selection expression works by using functions which select a subset of all publications currently in the system. Operators can be used to combine these subsets. Paranthesis are used to determine the order of evaluation if the operators. A selection expression may be arbitrarily complex.

The list of selected publications can be viewed or downloaded in different file formats.


+ plus Union of the two sets.
- minus Difference between first and second set.
# hash Intersection between the two sets.
^ hat Symmetric difference between the two sets.


Operators are evaluated left-to-right; same precedence. Use parenthesis ( ) to control the evaluation order.


year(year) Select by year published.
label(label) Select by label. Character case is ignored.
author(name) Select by author name of the form "family initials". Character case is ignored. May contain wildcard '*' at the end.
orcid(orcid) Select by researcher ORCID.
issn(code) Select by journal ISSN code.
published(date) Select published (official journal date) after the given date, of the form YYYY-MM-DD.
first(date) Select published first (official journal date or online) after the given date, of the form YYYY-MM-DD.
online(date) Select published online after the given date, of the form YYYY-MM-DD.
modified(date) Select modified after the given date, of the form YYYY-MM-DD.
active(year) Select publications for labels active in the given year. If no year value is given, this means the 'current' year.
no_doi() Select publications lacking DOI.
no_pmid() Select publications lacking PMID (PubMed identifier).
no_label() Select publications lacking label.


Labelled by 'ABC' and published during 2020, excluding those also labelled 'XYZ':
label(ABC) # year(2020) - label(XYZ)

Labelled by 'ABC', excluding those published during 2020 except those labelled 'XYZ':
label(ABC) # (year(2020) - label(XYZ))

All published during 2020 except those labelled 'ABC' having an author with a name beginning with an "a" (case is ignored):
year(2020) - (label(ABC) # author(a*))