Add a publication

Add publications by fetching data

Note: This is the recommended method for adding publications.

Publication references should be added using the Fetch data for publication page. By giving a list of Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) and/or PubMed identifiers (PMID), the system goes to the web services at Crossref and/or PubMed, respectively, to fetch the publication reference data.

This method checks whether the DOI or PMID already exists in the database, avoiding multiple copies.

This method also allows adding the labels that you as a curator may edit.

Add publications manually

Publication references can be added manually by filling in a form on the Add publication manually page. This is for publication that has neither a DOI nor a PMID, often preprints.

Delete a publication

A curator may delete any publication. This should be done only if the publication is clearly irrelevant for the site as a whole, or if it is a duplicate.

Publications 8.1.0